Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trend Alert: Silhouette Art

This century-old art form is making a comeback as a contemporary home decor trend this year! I've been seeing silhouette art quite a bit over the last few months. While I love the classic black and white silhouette, I'm seeing them in color, which is so much fun and whimsical!
Simply Silhouettes is a fantastic website offering customized silhouette products, ranging from pillows, stationery, artwork, jewelry, tote bags and much more! What a great gift idea! It's easy to have anything customized...click here for more info.
Another great source is Cut Arts by Karl. The above silhouettes are from his limited edition prints gallery. He takes custom orders for you, your child, your pet, or anything else your heart desires to be silhouetted! Click here for more details.
Found on Etsy from the shop of Nestahome, is the Pretty Pink Silhouette 8 x 10 print. It's also shown in red, framed in turquoise - great color combo! The orange and pink silhouettes are from Cut Arts photo gallery.


  1. these are great! although, it makes me sad for silhouettes to be so trendy because i've loved them for so long.

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2008

    These are one of my absolute faves. & I'm with Dianna about the popularity but I suppose that's the reward of loving them when the phase is over.

  3. Oh they are lovely. I am rather partial to black and white ones! A-M xx

  4. i love all the dog images. how fun!

    i'd love to know more about you, so i've tagged you to join in the game making the rounds in blog world. details are on my blog in today's post. i hope you will play!


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