Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eco-Fabulous Wednesdays

Organic and fashionable - two words that don't always mesh -describe the Spring and Fall lines by John Patrick Organic.
Clutches and bag by Ecoist - they use mostly recycled and organic materials to create their products, including items such as recycled candy wrappers and recycled movie billboards.

I just love these fun, fresh pendant lights by Paper Cloud, found on Eekowire lighting.


  1. Great finds!!! I love paper cloud!!

  2. These are all great finds!! I looove those clutches!! I might have to purchase one!! Great blog! :)

  3. Fashionable finds deserve fashionable awards... come by and get yours!

  4. Great finds - those lamps are so lovely!

  5. These lights are so pretty...thank you for sharing! I'm enjoying your blog. Nice mix of design and photography.


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