Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun New Items in Design

Those cool "sculptures" are actually radiator pillars! Designed by Italian company Tubes Radiatori; available in 60 different lacquer finishes.
In search of a way to use everyday items in a completely new context, designer Ragnheiður Ágústsdóttir decided to transform old cups into hooks!

These coffee cups were designed using a specific material in an unexpected way... knobs and hardware as mug handles!

Peekaboo hanging candle holders - I just adore these and would love to hang a bunch in my (imaginary) backyard for a dinner party; the Egg Bird House is crafted from ceramic and available to stylish and chic birds only :)

Decorate outside the box with Happening Curtains - these glossy ceramic forms are suspended from stainless steel for an ultra unique look; the Naked chair made of multiple trestles of
thin steel-rod - love it!

"My Beautiful Backside" sofas...what fun shapes and colors!

I discovered all of these fascinating and unique new items via Interior Design Magazine. I have much more to share with you next week! Click here to see more of their new product list.


  1. oh my goodness, how fun are those couches?!! i already went to their site and checked them out! thanks for inspiring me usual. robin

  2. The radiator and cups are so brilliant! Great post :)

  3. Those hanging candle holders are a great idea for those with children. They're really cool looking and they keep fire out of little ones reach.

  4. Those mugs are fantastic. I could see these with the ornate knobs you see at anthropologie or something. Also loving those sofas.

  5. Those tea cups are neat!

  6. just found your blog. love it, very savvy! love the coffee cup with unusual handle.

  7. Love these sofas - how great are they!


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