Friday, August 22, 2008

Sneak Peak @ the 2009 Color & Design Forecast!

I attended an ASID meeting Wednesday night covering the topic of the Color & Design Trends and Forecasts for 2009! It was very exciting and inspiring. I've put together a post of all my notes (please forgive any sentences that seem a bit incomplete or lacking info. - I could only write so fast!) and photo collages of items I thought represented each color category appropriately. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts on the hot color trends that are right around the corner (is it really almost 2009?)...

Red and Pink
- we'll be seeing more mature shades of these colors
- think deep, rich and soft
- pink will be stronger and not so "girly"

- the color orange will be toned down, moving toward earth and sand / baked robust shades
- think copper, brick and rust
- no more bright, zingy orange
- for the softer side of orange we'll see more of pale peach, apricots and coral

Yellow & Gold
- we'll see yellow move toward warm, radiant shades
- think luminous, gilded and enlightened
- we'll see more acidic, mustard yellows that look more modern and expensive

- moving toward true botanical, ecological and verdant greens
- think vegetables, buds, shoot and leaf

Blue & Teal
- we'll see deeper teals, influenced by green
- think aquatic images / luminescent
- we'll see blues that are deeper - think ocean depths, reflective, contemplative
- cobalt, aqua and teal will be used for luxury and higher end looks

- this color will move toward a truer purple - bluer than what we've been seeing
- we'll see fuller, saturated purple / regal and nocturnal tones

Warm Neutrals
- they will continue with the influence of yellow
- think timber and tusk, bark, twig and nut
- darker neutrals will be deeper and softer

White / Silver / Black / Gray
- there will be more emphasis on modernist shades
- think minimal, toned and restrained
- gray will be timeless with a hint of yellow for warmth - cool gray is out

Design Trends & Influences for 2009...
Retro - people are still gravitating toward retro because they are looking for something that is clean-lined and will last for years to come
Fashion - we're going to see more trends from the 80's (keep an eye out for ripped jeans because they're coming back - yikes!), bohemian influences, and the continuation of using eco-friendly fabrics
Color - a focus on the state of mind and the changing world
Global - we'll continue to see more ethnic trends / more euro-inspired
Organic Shapes
Metallics - we'll be seeing more bronze used in the kitchen and bath; stainless steel and granite used in the kitchen are OUT
Tradition - we'll be seeing more Greek keys, crowns, paisley prints, bohemian and modern patterns and influence
80's Contemporary - with a warmer more inviting flair
Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have fun and/or relaxing plans for the weekend. Meet me back here next week for more exciting posts and a look at "before and after" photos of my home office make-over. Au revoir!


  1. Wow! What a wonderfully informative post. I love your design boards too. Where do you find the time? I can't wait to see your before & afters of your office! Happy Weekend!

  2. What is wrong with girly pink? LOL

  3. Happy Friday! I love your color boards :)

  4. thanks ladies - i felt like i was doing a school project and was up until about 1:00am finishing this post!

  5. it's funny how trends often seep together when it comes to fashion and interior design. i've been seeing a lot of these same color palettes in clothing stores.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful post Julie!
    This write up belongs in a newspaper it's so informative and thorough. The visuals really put everything into perspective. Thanks so much for posting. I know how hard and time consuming it must have been to put together. It will benefit all of us. I'm going to save for reference. :) Jane

  7. I love the direction of most of the colors! Always fun to see where color is headed as we get very bored with what we have been using. :) I need to get to one of those ASID meetings! Maybe I can go with you next time!

  8. So cool to see these insights. It's funny--I don't think about certain colors transitioning over time--it's either blue or red or yellow. But really, we know colors from certain eras when we see them--the sea foam green of the 50s and 60s, the yellow, shag carpet green of the 70s, the neons of the 80s. Really makes you think!

  9. I love that you spent the time to give us all the colour forcast...ta! I can not believe that ripped jeans will be back though...god help us all !!! LOL! Ness xx
    PS- Well done on your 'project' A++

  10. well thank you Ness for the A++! i worked hard for it! :)

  11. julie, i too will save this post for reference and guidance! i know too how long a post takes, i think my family worries i have a blog addiction, i too just want each and every post to be informative, gorgeous and inspiring...thanks for staying up late! (looking at each color scheme, one could make up a room in each like the white house does!)

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