Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Interior Inspiration

I love the light, airy feel of this kitchen and the mixture of light woods with brick. The ceiling detail is pretty fantastic too!

I'd like to curl up in this cozy bed in what I'd like to think is an attic turned into a guest room.
Great piece of art! The punch of color really adds energy to the space.
Another great ceiling detail. Great use of a neutral color palette to create a soothing, relaxing bedroom.

Fantastic detail on the cabinet doors!

I was visiting the blog Made By Girl (check it out if you haven't already- it's fabulous!) and enjoyed a recent post about the Spanish design magazine, Mi Casa Revista. I hopped on over to their website, which is full of inspiring interior photos and design ideas (although it's in Spanish so I did my best to interpret...) and instantly bookmarked it as one of my design favorites. Click here to see more!


  1. I am delighted to find your blog today. It is full of stunning pictures and great references. I will put you on my blog roll for sure. Have a great day. Ness xx

  2. wow! I can't take my eyes off the ceiling in the kitchen picture :)

  3. These rooms are great! I too like the large yellow art piece. What a way to brighten a room!

  4. Love the wallpaper in the collage!

  5. Love her site, and instantly fell in love with Mi Casa Revista, as well. The wallpaper and vase in the top photo are amazing! Really, all of these are...

  6. Great finds, I could move into any one of these right now and be happy. Those ceiling treatments are especially gorgeous.

  7. I am looking at the top picture and wondering what is on the floor...is it pink and grey? Is it carpet or painted floors?

  8. the flooring in the top photo is painted concrete (i believe)...it's pretty fantastic!


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