Friday, September 5, 2008

Accessories: The Finishing Touch

One of my favorite parts of interior design are the accessories. A beautiful space just doesn't look complete without the right book, picture frame, vase, etc. Just as we accessorize outfits with jewelry to complete our look, the same rule applies to adding the finishing touches to a home with the right accessories. As you'll see in these photos, placing objects on top of stacks of books allows you to create different heights for more visual interest, among many other great ideas!

Stacks of books on a cool chair - the pair of boots and tiny red lamp really tie it all together!
I always like the idea of using large trays on ottomans to display beautiful books and accents.

I like how the books are arranged both vertically and horizontally; the uneven shelf heights make the bookcase more interesting as well.

The all-white accessories look elegant and classic against the black server.

I try and mix in small bunches of flowers with my accessories whenever possible. Fresh flowers always add a special touch.

I love the simplicity of the mantle and the leaning art.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend (can't believe it's already Friday!). I'll meet you back here next week with lots to share, including info. about a new weekly column I'm doing for a home and garden blog and a sneak peak into my fun new business venture involving vintage treasures!


  1. love the branches wallpaper, gives off energy to the room. also love the leaning art on the mantle, announces that the space is casual. and i too love having books around, for accessories, for warmth or to grab inpulsively and flip through! happy weekend...

  2. So much great ideas - my #1 accessory is usually books!

  3. You are SOOOOOO right... adding the finishing touches is the BEST! I too love to use books as a decor staple! Great collection of rooms!
    ENJOY your weekend in this HEAT! UGH... hope it's cooler your way!

  4. I feel like this is the thing I struggle with the most because I'm drawn to such an eclectic mix that never seems to work as well together as they do separately. Ah well.

    Happy weekend to you!

  5. all of these images are divine! i really like the idea of using trays to display pretty books.

  6. Ooh I love that wallpaper and red lamp in the middle pic! That is gorge.

  7. Love to have piles of books on coffee tables. Great images and I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Amanda x

  8. I love, love, love accessorizing with books and these are fabulous photos! Makes me seem smart when I have a lot of books ;-) Congrats on your new ventures! I want to hear all about them & can't wait until the end of the month when I see you. Time for an e-mail.....

  9. So many great ideas! I really love that white nightstand in the "bedroom" photo. The cut-out is really pretty.


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