Friday, September 19, 2008

Fashion Friday

Hot off the runway from NY Fashion Week - fabulous new looks for Spring 2009.

My wallet is not allowing me to purchase (much needed) new clothing right now and it's practically killing me. I haven't been to South Coast Plaza (the most amazing mall) in about 6 months...oh the pain! So, to fill that void without spending a dime, I've spent the last hour (or two) drooling over the fab new Spring collections from NY Fashion Week. Tomorrow, I'm going to spend the afternoon searching for that "money tree"- it's gotta be out there somewhere!
P.S. - Don't forget to enter the belle maison give-away if you haven't already! The winner will be announced tonight. Have a wonderful weekend! Meet you back here on next week :)



  1. i love all these pictures you chose. so many of the blogs i read posted photographs of beautiful models, but in clothes i could never pull off. so many of these are actually possible and i'm all about giving them a try. thanks!

  2. thanks emily. it was a challenge to choose semi-wearable stuff since a lot of what's out there is a bit on the wild side (and not in a good way)!

  3. Nice selection. I love the white slacks and top. Nice eye for fashion.

    Have a happy weekend.

  4. Love the yellow dress!

    I know the feeling of not being able to buy new stuff!. i'd like to think drooling over fashion on-line would fill the void of my wanting to spend money on fashion, but somehow it just makes me want more!

    One of my friends just gave me her most recent Anthropologie catalogs. I had to ball her out for making me more depressed! :)

    Oh, well. At least we can appreciate good fashion even when we can't buy it, right?

  5. This makes me want to skip winter and go directly to spring. I'm with ya on not going to the mall. I had to quit my favorite pastime almost a year ago. It gets easier!!!

    Thanks for the comment. This was frightening! Thank goodness I was able to get most of it back, I appreciate the help! That's what I get for trying to take matters into my own hands. All that's left is adding my blog list!

  6. great picks.... I adore SCP.

  7. LOVE these fashions! I would love to own one of those!
    Things will get better and you will be back at Fashion Island!

  8. I love anything flowy or feathery or diaphanous (I love that word). I would love to have a dress like that. But I also like the colorful ethnic prints.

    I just bought a bunch of clothes and shoes (oh shoes, how I love thee), but I really did need the clothes. The shoes, okay, not so much. But they do make a girl happy :)

  9. Thank you for lovely fashion picks. I could wear any of them ( OK-no, did I go to gym today?!NO.Lucky us (Australia) going to Spring/Summer.
    Have a great weekend

  10. Oh, the first two bright outfits are fantastic. They incorporate the mustard that's everywhere in this really bright, fresh way.

    Love that plaid shift, too.

  11. Oh,la,la..I`ll take one of each outfit please :) I also seriously need to go shopping, but am waiting until I win the lottery so I can get it all at once...


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