Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Look for the White House

Interior Designer, Michael S. Smith, has been selected to design the new Obama White House. Smith is known for his work with high-profile celebs and is based out of Santa Monica, California. "In a statement released by Michelle Obama, Smith was lauded for his "family-friendly style," and is rumored to be shopping already at kid-focused "everyday retail stores," according to the Washington Post." I think Smith's designs have a casual elegance about them. His rooms are beautiful, refined and look as though you could just move right in and feel at home. I can't wait to see what he does for the Obama household - I think they made a wise choice in hiring him to transform their new home into one that looks and feels like it's "their own". Below are a few photos of his award winning work. You can also view the top 10 favorite rooms designed by Michael Smith over at Domino.

Enjoy your weekend! It's supposed to be in the 80's here in Southern California which is good and bad...I'm not ready for this heat yet but it does lift my spirits and gives me a tiny bit of "spring fever." Stay cool, warm, safe, etc., wherever you live and make sure to do something fun or relaxing!


  1. Love them all, especially the last one. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Hope you are enjoying this great California weather. Up north it's in the 60's. We'll gladly trade you =)

  2. the Obama's are certainly the hippest first family to take residence!
    it'll be interesting to see how Smith's
    "family-friendly" design translates in such a formal setting as The White House.
    kudos for such an inspiring, easy on the eyes interior style blog!

  3. I love the bedroom! I'm looking forward to seeing how The White House is decorated for the new president.
    Have a lovely weekend Jules=)
    xo, Trudi


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