Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Bold & Beautiful New Look...

Oh how I love makeovers! I've been obsessed with making things over since I was little - I would often give my sister and friends new looks experimenting with make-up and hair (they probably looked scarier after...) I'd re-arrange my bedroom over an over, re-accessorize my mothers accessories and knick's no wonder I chose a career in design! Discovered via Country Living, this home office /guest bedroom is one of the most dramatic and fabulous transformations I've seen. The homeowner wanted a functional home office that doubled as a cozy guest bedroom with plenty of storage. The 12' x 13'ft. space was carefully designed to look beautiful and inviting while maximizing the use of space with ample stylish and concealed storage. The color scheme was centered around the Osborne & Little Dunloe floral print wallpaper, where they pulled out fuchsia and lime as accent colors. The furniture and accessories are a mix of vintage pieces with new and re-covered pieces.

The wireless printer / electronics are neatly stored in this closet, along with baskets, stylish file holders and organizers for office supplies and papers. A luggage rack and hangers are hung on the back of the door for guests to use while staying in the room.This bulletin board is a great place to display photos, invitations, inspiration, etc. The frame was re-done with a gold leafing finish (tips on how to get this look below).
Rustic shelving was mounted close to the ceiling to display books and accessories.

This antique pine cabinet houses guest supplies, including fresh towels and toiletries. "Anticipating guests' needs equals gracious hospitality." The plush pom pom pillow is from e bella.
Maximize drawer space with shallow drawer organizers. Below: great way to store magazines with a vertical wooden magazine rack - this one is from Viva Terra.

Top right photo - the vintage green trunk stores an AeroBed for overnight guests. The existing red ottomans were re-covered in a lovely pink fabric.
This limed oak file cabinet looks more like a chic blanket chest!

Here's a little DIY Project for you. The homeowner transformed a boring white framed corkboard into an elegant gilded framed board. Here's how:
1) apply blue painters tape to the cork board.
2) Paint a coat of chocolate basecoat ; after it dries, follow up with a coat of sticky size.
3) Once the Sticky Size was clear and tacky, apply small amounts of imitation gold leaf on the frame leaving areas of the Chocolate Basecoat show through. Last step - apply Toner and Wax ...and voila! You have a brand new elegant looking framed corkboard!
Click here for more info. on purchasing a gilding kit.

To read more about this makeover, click here. All images via Country Living.


  1. Wonderful job on this office, love the color combinations...enjoy the step by step redo on the frame...all in all great post
    Regards CAM

  2. I've gone back to this article many times since I received the magazine. I love it! It's a room you could spend all day in and still feel inspired. The organization is perfect. And I love that they recovered the two small seats.

  3. Great post!! Great Transformation! Great Blog!! Jules I love it!!

  4. This wallpaper is amazing! The whole room is lovely but the wallpaper is my favorite.

  5. Wow. That is fantastic. I love the gilded frame project.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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