Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot Off the Press!

I was delighted when I received an email from the publicity manager of Rizzoli New York, with a sneak peak into the upcoming book Shed Chic. Judging from the photos I've seen so far, this is going to be one fantastic book that I know you all will appreciate! Here's a part of the press release:

SHED CHIC - By Sally Coulthard (publish date May 2009)
Outdoor Buildings for Work, Rest, and Play

"Like a treehouse, everyone is enchanted by the idea of having a garden shed—one’s very own private refuge. Whether a hobbyist’s den or guest quarters, a quiet retreat for much needed “personal” time away from the family, or an additional play space for the children, these picturesque structures can accommodate many purposes. Ranging from useful to whimsical, the backyard havens in SHED CHIC. A colorful gypsy caravan serves as an oasis for those for who long to roam-close-to-home while architect-designed eco sheds intertwine form and function, and rural huts are transformed into outdoor kitchen and dining spaces. SHED CHIC includes a series of sample cases highlighting the shed’s infinite uses, some technical guidelines for infrastructure, and a directory of shed companies, architects, decorating resources, etc. This detailed and wonderfully illustrated guide will inspire anyone interested in adding a shed to their property or redecorating an existing one with its vast array of design ideas."

ISBN: 978-0-7893-1860-2
PRICE: $35.00 US / $40.00 CAN
PUBLICATION DATE: May 2009. Click here to reserve your copy!
P.S. - I received my copy in the mail today (a big thanks to Rizzoli for surprising me) and it's even better than I expected! A must read - there are loads of beautiful images and wonderful ideas and tips that will inspire you!


  1. I am garden shed obsessed and must have this book!

  2. It's a FANTASTIC book!

  3. i am in love.

    the 1st shot is a dream.

    i want it that tiny room/house/shed ( not very shed-ish to me ) ,
    but i may have to settle for the book.

  4. Oh wow - looks like such a great book - can't wait!

  5. I love the idea of a shed. However, even though I live in a city, I have snakes! I think it's because I have built stone walls/raised beds what I have come to understand function as "mouse motels". I opted for a 3-sided pergola. If there are snakes on my rafters (as neighbors have found), I want to see them first. Great pictures. Great idea. I'll read the shed book in my pergola with my eyes wide open, please!

  6. Oh my goodness! The second picture in has me all a flutter, the one with all the bright colors and cozy spots :) Well, that pretty much describes the bulk of them. What specially little spots these would be!

  7. Love, love, out house turned out!

    This is one I did with and for my make-up artist friend Kerry Malouf. We changed her garden shed/son's fort into her Studio; have a look.

  8. i'd love a shabby shed in my back yard. it would definitely be used as my own private art studio, full of the smells of fresh paint. geez, growing up i never saw sheds like these...oh how times change!

  9. Wow. I cant wait to get my hands on it. Does anyone know when it will hit the shelf.

  10. oh wow. this looks like fun fun fun!

  11. Gorgeous, I love them all!!!

  12. these are great.. i want a shed with teacups and a tea pot.
    Love all of your bedroom ideas. I'm still working on mine.. would love for your to pop over to my site today and give me your opinion!
    Happy Easter!
    xx Trina


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