Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I received an email from a company called Bloompapers and when I visited their website to see what they were all about, I was pleasantly surprised! Here's a little about who they are in their own words, "We offer you the chance to adorn your walls with large digitally printed images and to see your home or workplace as never before. Using exclusive works by contemporary artists, an extensive selection of our own images and the option to turn your own photos into a wall mural, Bloompapers gives you an original and innovative solution to your home when anything else just won´t do..." All of the wall murals are designed exclusively by up and coming European artists and can be shipped to anywhere in the world! Talk about a great way to create an amazing art wall! Click here to view the entire collection.


This is one of my favorites - it's an image of a rose used as a ceiling medallion.


  1. They really do incredible things to the space, don't they?

  2. holy smokes. i already saved a couple of photos from your post and e-mailed them to an artist friend of mine who does these intense portraits. i thought his work would lend itself to this company. what a great take on wall treatments! i love things larger than life sometimes, it adds an element of wow to a space. love this post!

  3. How interesting and unique! Love the "home sweet home" and "flowers."

    Take care,

  4. Wow these are so neat! I love the ceiling idea too.

  5. AnonymousJuly 01, 2009

    Hi Julie!

    I adore this post. So much so that after reading it, I went to the site immediately and posted it on my blog. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    Hugs and Cheers from Teacake Martini!

  6. What a nice collection with photos :) My head is buzzing with inspiration now....
    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

  7. WOW!!! They are amazing! Love their designs! My favorites are:

    - Jewel Wall
    - Is where the art is

    Thank you for finding the coolest things!!! :)

  8. Some of these are so unique & INTERESTING....i they make great focal points for a large wall...
    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  9. We have a new blog!
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