Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Inspired Kitchen Linens

I've been a busy bee the last couple of months, preparing for my upcoming online retail boutique, Modern Chic Home! My favorite part of this whole process is searching for fun, unique and fresh items to sell - things you don't see everywhere. I'm considering adding some of these adorable vintage-inspired aprons, kitchen towels and linens to the mix of accessories, pillows and home decor on the site. What do you think? Would you purchase any of these for yourself or maybe a gift for someone? Prices aren't listed, but everything is under $40. And thanks, as always, for your comments and feedback - I appreciate it!
Tea Time" Apron
Breakfast Apron

Breakfast & Tea Time Kitchen Towels

Blue Sketchbook & Blue Pressed Flowers Kitchen Towels with Blue Sketchbook Apron

Utensils Kitchen Towels

Crochet Flowers Guest Towel; Pink Cookbook Half Apron; Pink Sketchbook Half Apron

"Baking Apron" (reads: Baking Day)


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2009

    This things are so sweet!!!I could buy it if they are saleing to Poland.(unfortunately | live in Poland).

    Best wishes,
    Anita from Poland

  2. I've been wondering what to do with the vintage fabrics I have lying around-- Now I know!

  3. Ooo...i love it !
    They are so pretty. I would buy them :)

  4. The colors are delicious! Yes, I'd buy one too :+)

  5. I would definitely purchase some of those items! Love them!!

  6. Love it...the colors would make you want to stay in the kitchen and create!!

  7. julie, these are adorable! i personally love the "blue sketchbook" towels and the crochet towels near the bottom. i really like having anything vintage or vintage-esque so these, for people like me, will sell like hot-cakes:)

  8. Love the towels - especially the ones with the color stripe on the bottom and the white one with flowers!

  9. ooooo, these are cute!! Love 'em! xxx kim

  10. I totally the breakfast apron :-)

    I'm on your wave length...just posted my vintage shopping trip while I'm up here in Portland OR and a French table linen post....

    love your blog...


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