Thursday, August 6, 2009

Interior Inspiration

When I saw this room featured in House Beautiful last month, I instantly felt inspired by the fresh color scheme and eclectic mix art, furniture and accessories. The room was designed by Bunny Williams for this year's Kips Bay Showhouse. From the magazine interview: BUNNY WILLIAMS: "I just wanted to be happy — and color makes you happy. Turquoise is intense and exciting. But you have to balance strong colors with neutrals. I always stand in a room and think about the balance — you've got to get your proportions right. I say, "Okay, where's the furniture going to go?" I had the fireplace and the big strong botanicals, so I wanted the other end to have the big strong bookcase. But I didn't want it obviously balanced. I broke the symmetry so it doesn't get boring. You have to throw it off a bit." Feeling inspired from this beautiful space, I put together my own inspiration board on how I would pull together a similar look. See below...

(click on image to view larger)
a). Irises, Van Gogh via
b). Marie Nightstand via Anthropologie
c). Custom Chaise Lounge
d). Mod Link linen pillow (soon to be featured in my online store, Modern Chic Home)
e). Beaded Botany Pillow via Anthropologie
f). Cleo Table Lamp via Crate & Barrel


  1. Those botanical prints are quite a statement piece - I can't help admiring that whole wall from the prints, to the moldings, to the fireplace.

  2. love the color. and i have to say i'm so glad i found this blog. your finds and posts inspire me daily :)

  3. I love that color, love it's use on the walls, very classy!

  4. What a well designed space that is. I really like the lamp you chose in your inspiration board. I may have to check it out, as I am currently hunting down some lighting fixtures for my own home!!

  5. Aww, I love that blue chaise, yoru blog is awesome!

  6. Oh, that's a great design idea you got there! I love it. And I think all of us here did.
    There is certainly the botanical feel on the design. The color palette is like a combination of earth and water colors.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. This looks like my house. In my DREAMS!

  8. That’s a very creative interior inspiration! Thanks for sharing this to us.

  9. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

  10. so pretty! It really is.
    I just selected a lighter shade of that blue for my nursery. I can't wait to paint it!

  11. The throw and pillows on that sofa are giving me ideas...


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