Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Styling Bookshelves

Today I'm sharing some fabulous ideas on how to organize and style bookshelves. I discovered all of these wonderful photos via Real Simple. There are so many clever and easy ways to make the most of your bookcase or shelving. The goal is for your shelves to be functional as well as stylish and put together.

I love the idea of layering empty frames of all sizes in a bookcase or on a mantle. If you have any old / unused picture frames, spray paint them with a fresh coat of color for an instant new look.

Another way to add interest and make the objects on your shelves stand out is to paint the background an accent color. I like how they've grouped together a collection of white vases and fun shaped glasses.

Colorful boxes keep this cabinet organized and stylish.

Fill a jar with seashells or any other found object and use as a bookend.

Display a collection of clocks, globes, etc. alongside stacks of neutral books.

A clever way to disguise your bookshelves by hanging simple fabric panels.

Create different heights by stacking books on their sides as well as arranging them upright. Mix in different objects such as boxes, bowls, etc.

I love all of the funky letters mixed in with books and interesting objects.

The deep teal accent paint looks fresh and makes the colorful books really pop.


  1. Color is good.
    Color is kind.
    Color gives us peace of mind.

  2. brilliant ideas, I have a few bookshelves I can do these to.



  3. Great collections and ideas.
    Thank you.


  4. I've been obsessing over bookcases lately and you have posted some great ideas. Love your blog!

  5. I love your Blog! The styling bookshelf idea helps me design my own bookshelfs. we just moved so this is exciting. THanks!!

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