Friday, January 8, 2010

Chandelier Chic

Oh, how I love chandeliers! Bright and sparkly, simple and sophisticated, big and bold...there's just something about hanging an over-sized chandelier to be the center of attention in a room. And the more unexpected, the better - like hanging a giant chandy over your kitchen island? Or placing one in your basement craft room? What do you think? Would you make a statement in your _____ room with a unique chandelier?! I would if I didn't live in an apartment rental :( Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend. XO - Julie


  1. I'm looking forward to crafting my own chandeliers and other light fixtures, seeing as a student budget don't want to let up to actually buy a genuine one. (or maybe from the fleemarket, but "80's vintage" just isn't my cup of tea.)

    Wonderful pictures!
    Can't wait to get a nice light fixture in my bedroom.

  2. Most definitely! I love the Fortuny chandelier and of course, the classic Domino feature with the zebra rug....sigh;)


  3. I am completely enamored with chandeliers in any room- all rooms. I will be replacing our dining room one eventually but really want a cute girly one for the laundry room. Just to make it more fun!

  4. All of these photos are remarkably gorgeous! Love the iron rimmed windows and that office makes me want to go home and redecorate mine! Nice picks!

  5. SOOOO pretty! If I didn't live in an apartment, I'd totally go all out and buy the prettiest one I could afford!

  6. Beautiful!!!! I love this post! I love chandeliers too!

  7. a girl after my own heart, and many other chandelier loving hearts too i'm quiet sure! if i could be completely decadent, i'd indulge in one in my bathroom (like you said, if i wasn't in a cute littel rental:( but we can plan for those home-owner days right?! :)

  8. I am all about changing out boring light fixtures! Great post!

  9. those white kitchen chairs are faboo!

    i just tagged you for an award.

  10. Beautiful! Especially the metallic one. LOVE!


  11. I adore your post! This proves that chandeliers do not have to be the classic intricate beading only found in formal/semiformal rooms.

    Rachel's Cottage House

  12. Love this post, I so want to put a chandelier in my little place but I think it just might be too, well little!!

    But I am thinking of putting a smaller black one in the toilet!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)


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