Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color 101: Green Interiors

Green happens to be my favorite color, especially when it comes to interior design. For my own home, I always gravitate toward soft sage greens, blue-greens and turquoise...I've tried to be open to other palettes, but apparently, these are the colors I love to surround myself in! Green comes in hundreds of different shades, all of which have a different psychological impact on people. Here are some fun facts about the color Green:
  • Green is the color of growth, nature, and money.
  • It is the traditional color of peace, harmony, comfortable nurturing, support and well paced energy.
  • Nature shares several shades of green with us. From bright and almost fluorescent to pale and subdued. The color green is a natural color.
  • Green creates feelings of comfort, laziness, relaxation, calmness. It helps us balance and soothe our emotions.
  • Hospitals use light green rooms because they too are found to be calming to patients.
  • Green is the most restful color for the human eye.
  • It's the universal color of nature as well as represents fertility, rebirth and freedom. (That answers the question why it's the best background for birds.)
  • Bright green can be uplifting while dark green evokes a mental picture of a pine forest.
  • Street signs are painted a metallic green background contrasted with white letters because the combination is believed to be the easiest to read and recognize for the human brain.
  • As with most colors, green also brings forth some negative connotations...the phrase "green with envy" also gives way to guilt, ghastliness, sickness and disease.
What else do you associate with the color Green?


  1. I usually love your posts... but this one struck me twofold... first because I didn't have a second to think about green... I was slammed with your ideas and seeing money in the top... green and money are actually two things I never think of together... though one should I suppose? Secondly, while I love and appreciate your punctuality with your posts (I'm a mess with mine) the "automatic" post somewhat takes away my empathetic nature of your love for green.

    All awkwardness aside... swoooooon :)

  2. Beautiful photos. I can see why you enjoy this soothing color. Have a wonderful day. =)

  3. A gorgeous post! I love the kitchen with the chairs who have the same fabric als the ceiling lamp and the picture with the green bath!
    So beautiful!

  4. I love green too, particularly apple green for some cheeriness and a more pastel green for serenity.

  5. What a great post!! What beautiful spaces!!

  6. LOVE green, and LOVING that paisley wallpaper. Nice post.

  7. Beautiful post... my favorite is kelly green! I am loving the paisley wall paper with the zebra area rug!

  8. this makes me look at green so differently! it is so happy, especially when spring is *sooo close* - I am craving some good greenery around me!!

  9. I LOVE the wallpaper going up the staircase and the green couches are awesome!

  10. this is a beautiful and amazing post! green has always been my favorite color! and in this white on white on white on more white deocrating world, i feel so alone!! thanks for making me feel excellent about my love for color!!

  11. Green is one of my favorite colors too. Especially in this grey wintertime, when Green reminds me that Spring might come around eventually...

  12. Green is an amazing color, and I love to mix them together: citron green with jade green with a little forest green and mint thrown in..green rules!

    thanks for a lovely post about a favorite of mine too!

    xx Kit


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