Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review: Room for Children

The publicity manager over at Rizzoli New York was kind enough to send me an advanced copy of this brand new book, Room for Children, written by Susanna Salk with a foreword by Kelly Wearstler. Let me just say, after flipping through this image-packed book of inspiring spaces, it makes me want to be a kid again or have one of my own just so I can design an amazing little space for them to enjoy. These unique spaces created by well known designers, parents, and often kids themselves, prove that good design is not just for the rest of the house and that children's rooms are just as worthy of serious design attention. "It's about understanding the importance of helping our children create a private world where they can discover who they are and all they were meant to be," according to Susanna Salk. Kelly Wearstler suggests involving the kids early in the design process, "I always advise parents to let their children pick the colors of their bedrooms, even the's essential that children enjoy their space and make it feel like their own." Thanks to my own mother, she allowed me at a very young age to have creative freedom on how I wanted my room to look (and she even let my brother paint his room black!). If you have a child, are expecting one or just have a passion for beautifully designed spaces, this book is for you! It's scheduled to be released later this month for $45. (Hint: Pre-order your copy from Amazon for only $29.70!). Enjoy your sneak peek into this beautiful book!



  1. OMg AMAZING lets go back to being 10!! these rooms are amazing! Cant wait to see the book!

  2. yikes, those are some amazing spaces...complete eye candy for kids ideas. i'm after that book for sure, just for fun. how do you get books sent to you? just curious, do you contact them or do they contact you? i'd love to be able to receive advanced copies of design books coming out to promote and to post about...let me know!

  3. I want this book.

    You can be a big kid in the privacy of your own home. Being a kid is just an excuse! If it's for your own personal space, then who really cares what you do with that space right?

    Like in the first photo, I've always wanted a huge wallpapered map on one wall so that I could pretend I was a pirate! (or very cultured at least) ^__^

    19 is still an acceptable age isn't it? Haha xx

  4. oh wow. i want this book now too.
    those rooms are awesome. espeically loving that first one with the hendrix poster...super cool!

  5. These spaces are amazing!!

    In the book, does it happen to say where the first quit and pillowcases are from??? I'm dying to know!

  6. what a great book! thanks for the sneek....

  7. Thanks for the sneak preview. These spaces really are outside the box. Wonderful inspiration.


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