Friday, April 23, 2010

Notable Discoveries...

My new House Beautiful issue has arrived (May 2010) and it's packed full of inspiration! I seriously get excited and almost giddy when I get any new magazine in the gives me a little design high! Anyway, a few things caught my eye in "The Best" section that I thought you'd enjoy (if you haven't already discovered them):

Chai Nesting Tables via Serena & Lily;$369 set

Chair Pillows via Soap Studiooos Etsy Shop @ $45 each

(Not featured in HB, but they caught my eye!) Shopping Cart, Milk and Headphones Pillows via Soap Studiooos Etsy Shop; $45 each.

Archie Grand Notebooks via Jasper + Black
Keep track of  your random likes / dislikes on just about every subject for only $10!


  1. Those chair pillows are really fun, especially when grouped in a three.

  2. If I had the funds right now, I would purchase those gorgeous nesting tables on the spot.... Hmmmm, something to save up for!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~~
    xoxo Laura

  3. I HAVE to have a few of those notebooks -- Thanks for sharing!

  4. those chair pillows are the best! wickedly fun :) etsy is driving us all mad with all of their fabulously creative people! thanks for the find.

  5. All of them are wonderful especially those Chai Nesting Tables. Like it a lot!


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