Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashionista Inspired Outdoor Living Room

I was browsing around the fabulous blog Cupcakes and Cashmere (if you haven't visited this blog, make sure you do!), and  was inspired by one of Emily's recent posts where she's sporting a feminine, summery ensemble. I decided to translate her look into an outdoor living room, drawing inspiration from the vibrant orange and pink color combination, the floral print of her top, and the delicate gold bracelets around her wrist. Here's how I pulled the look together to create a chic outdoor living room:

the inspiration: emily of cupcakes and cashmere

concept photo illustrating the overall feel of the new outdoor living room

pillows, pillows and more pillows, in all shades of pink with pops of crisp white

tabletop inspiration, incorporating vibrant orange in with all of the pink and white

for the details: fuchsia rose's placed in glass votives; a handmade moorish style wax candle holder with a pretty gold embellishment; sienna orange cotton napkin

a fun little hanging star pendant for ambiance


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm having a girlfriend over for dinner tonight (and a bottle of wine!) and will be relaxing by the pool tomorrow - can't wait! What are you up to? xoxo - Julie


  1. I love those colors! so pretty!

  2. That pink outdoor space is TO DIE FOR!

  3. Love the pink and orange together. xx

  4. Pink and orange is a fab combo!

  5. love the colour combo - what a fantastic space :)

  6. Pink outside goodness! Love it!


  7. Love that pink outdoor sitting area. Just absolutely lovely.

    A bientot

  8. good.ness, this is like spot on perfection! Fantastic job!


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