Friday, February 11, 2011

Fresh & Fabulous Style Updates for Your Home

I don't know about you, but I'm getting spring fever and the itch to spruce some things up around my apartment! While searching online for inspiring DIY project ideas, I came across the Dutch website Vtwonen, which had a fantastic section dedicated to quick styling fixes to update the home. I've rounded up several of my favorites to share with you today, all of which are relatively easy and inexpensive (two of my favorite words!). Do you have any upcoming plans to re-vamp your home decor? I'd love to hear all about it! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo - Julie

{Large flowers cut from wallpaper give this armoire new life!}

{I'll never tire of seeing vintage plates grouped together and hung as art!}

{A simple way to display your collections, art supplies, etc.}

{A floating shelf to display fresh flowers. I'd love to try this on my balcony!}

{Create your own wallpaper with a variety of unique and colorful maps}

{Create your own little display of curiosities and found objects by using a console table, shadow boxes, shelves, etc. to showcase your favorite things}

{A brightly painted art ledge accented with colorful artwork and hanging dried flowers - this would definitely give any space a pick-me-up}

{Hang a painted branch from two ropes in your kitchen and use to display / store utensils, pots, pans, etc.}

{Fresh flowers placed in a birdcage - love it!}

{Notice the small branch-like hooks mounted directly onto the mirror to hang jewelry!}

{Another DIY wallpaper idea - just group together random wallpaper samples or pretty sheets of paper, adhere to the wall and voila! An original wallpaper design!}

{Clip your favorite photos to a wire or string; you can even add in colorful art prints, fabric swatches, or anything else that makes you smile}


  1. I've been loving map displays recently, so that map wall is calling out to me! Have a lovely weekend, Julie!

  2. Awesome wallpaper decorations,I like all those furnitures a lot...Hope u will have a Wonderfull Weekend..I really love each and every pictures of ur blog.. Thank u very much for sharing!!!!

  3. I have big plans - hoping my wallet holds up:) Kitchen and wallpapering...lots of it! Beautiful post filled with TONS of inspiration- I really loved those framed maps. Happy weekend!

  4. There are just too many great ideas for me to even comment on! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. these are some beautiful ideas! love the floating shelf with vases...reminds me up upcoming spring and blooming peonies! :)

  6. The rotating photo display is a good idea.
    Mary Ann

  7. I love the vintage plates & floating shelf. The floating shelf reminds me of a wooden swing. So sweet :)

  8. These are such lovely ideas! Definitely need to incorporate some of them into my home :)

  9. Yes to spring fever. I can't wait for my daffodils to pop up and to lighten the mood of my home with some spring touches. Great photos today! xo

  10. Lovely! Groupings of vintage plates are always so neat :)

  11. Great ideas especially the wallpapers decoration and vintage plates how they grouped together. nice job!:)

  12. Thank you for sharing this link. The place looks fantastic!

  13. Love the pic of the birdcage, really can not get enough of them, i put lights or flowers in mine.
    Check out some more inspiration here:
    xo nina

  14. I like the plates a lot. Currently I have a small grouping that I'm working on on my wall of plates that resemble plants. Hard to find them though ha.

  15. Great ideas and photos - I like it! :-)

  16. There are so many uses for birdcages that dont include the little feather friends themselves! I'm using my ornate birdcage for candles atm. Love your collection of ideas x


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