Thursday, February 10, 2011

Las Vegas 2011 Winter Market - Part 2

So sorry for the delay in posting Part 2! Was supposed to yesterday but I've been so busy and have neglected my little poor blog :( Anyway, Part 2 of the Vegas Market covers a variety of trends that caught my eye, including graphic patterns, vibrant colors, white lacquer, metallics, metallics and more metallics, all of which I can't get enough of! Take a look and let me know what you're excited about seeing this year.

I posted these Peacock Pillows back in August from the last Vegas market and guess what?! They'll be available to purchase next month in my online shop! Seriously, one of my favorite pillows ever :)

How gorgeous is this art print? I'd love one in my master bedroom.

Ceramic Pillow Vases in vibrant aqua.

More amazing pillows which will also be available for purchase at Modern Chic Home next month!

The photo doesn't quite do this table justice, but trust me, it's absolutely gorgeous. Made with a shiny white lacquer top and 50 year old reclaimed railroad ties for legs. This one is on my furniture wish list...either for my dining room or design studio (when I move in to one :). I think it would make a great work table, don't you?!

Metal wire lighting with vintage style Edison light bulbs - a trend I'm seeing everywhere!

The classic sunburst mirror - this one is here to stay, maybe forever. I'll never tire of sunbursts!

Amber glass bottles, metallic bronze jars and over-sized brass hurricanes. Jewelry for the home!

A new twist on the sunburst mirror. The bowls mounted on the wall as art were very cool.

Ceramic Rose wall brooches! How fabulous are these?

Are you taking note of all the brass finishes in lamps, tables, and accessories? See my recent post on the trend that's making a strong comeback!

All Images by Julie Thigpen


  1. Loving Peacock!! Can't wait to see those pillows in your store.

  2. Peacock design is very pretty!!!Waiting to c all those wonderfull pillows together in ur blog.. especially the last yellow image looks absolutely stunning and beautifull!!!Thanks a lot!!!

  3. I love the pieces!
    I would pass it big "playing " with them!

  4. Beautiful - especially the peacock pillows!
    Much love,

  5. I am in love with peacock pillows! How much are they going to cost and is there anyway to pre-order them?

  6. I'll take the rose wall brooches if you please. Also, I love all of the lighting options! Gorgeous!
    Lila Ferraro

  7. Ughhhh I've been searching sooooo long for a brass or goldish side table like those! Love the peacock pillows though!!!!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the peacock pillows. My living room is decorated with peacock accents. Please blog when they are up in the shop so I know when I can buy them!


  9. Hi Julie!
    Thank you so much for sharing all the amazing photos from your Vegas trip. How fun! That table is my fav!

  10. I like majority of what I see. I love peacocks and that whole trend. Question, what is the name of the pattern of the very first pillow (top shelf, left side) shown on the first pic? I see it all the time & would love to do a blog post about it but....don't know the name. Any help is appreciated.

  11. I love everything in each one of these pictures. Thank you for all of the inspiration!


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