Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Succulent Indoor / Outdoor Centerpiece

A few weekends ago I decided to make my very first DIY centerpiece for our apartment. I believe every room should have at least one plant (real or fake) because they add color, texture and interest. Succulents are a great choice to use indoors because they're low maintenance (only need to be watered every couple weeks), they're full of texture and come in just about every shade of green imaginable. For my very first DIY centerpiece, I'm very happy with the results! Read on for step-by-step instructions on how I did it...

1. Potting soil, 1 bag of Reindeer Moss, a handful of pebbles and/or shells
2. About 5 dried curly willow sticks
3. Container of your choice; the one I purchase is metal with a patina finish and it came with a fitted plastic liner inside (recommended if you're using live plants that will be watered).

4. Potted succulents - I purchased 5 varieties from IKEA for only $2.99 each. If you don't want to use live plants, there are some pretty great plastic succulents out there that look real.

5. Fill the container with soil; depending on the shape of your container and number of plants, map out the placement each one, spacing them evenly. Scoop out small amount of soil and plant each succulent.
6. Once all succulents are planted, add more soil and spread evenly around to create an even surface.
7. Add the reindeer moss - a little goes a long way, so you don't need to use much. It has a sponge-like texture and is easy to mold around each succulent. 
8. Be sure to cover the surface evenly with moss so the soil isn't showing through.
9. Strategically place a few shells, pebbles, etc. around the container, on top of the moss. I used seashells that I collected on the beach a few months ago and purchased a bag of flat tumbled stones.
- Break the curly willow in half or in thirds, depending how long each stick is, and place the top portion along the center of the planter. I used about 5 sticks and staggered their heights.

FINAL RESULT: A beautiful succulent centerpiece that can be placed on a dining table, cocktail table, or console. I took this photo of the centerpiece placed on my living room coffee table. Sometimes I set it on the center of my dining table or outside on our balcony - I love its versatility!



  1. The centerpiece turned out great!! I love it

  2. Are you a mind reader?!?! Seriously. I've been wanting to do this in a white planter I purchased a few weeks ago. And now I know how! Thanks so much for the tips. I'll have to send you a picture when I'm finished. : )

  3. So pretty. I love succulents.

    PS do you mind me asking where you got your sectional? :)

  4. What a great project! Love the succulents:-) I need to make one for our bathroom!

  5. julie! so pretty, i too love succulents, i think that they are the perfect plant, hands down! ;) thanks for sharing...

  6. Nice!!
    I love ikea for their plants. I have some succulents that I purchased 2 years ago and they are doing really well.

  7. Succulents are the best I'd love to do a centrepiece like this, definately saving this one to my favourites! Very clever thanks for sharing :)

  8. I love it !! I want to make one.


  9. LOVE this! It can go pretty much anywhere and is quite easily made. So it's absolutely perfect!
    Thanks for sharing with us, Julie!
    xo, Gabriella

  10. I have a succulent obsession! Gorgeous centerpiece for your space.

  11. That looks great! I am such a big fan of succulents. I found the most perfect location that sold them in San Diego:

    But I moved so had pretty much given up on having one of my own. You have inspired me to try my hand at making one (even though in my post I admit to my less than stellar DIY abilities-this does look do-able ;)

  12. Beautiful! Must copy! Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Would you mind sharing where you bought the planter and curl willow sticks (I live in SoCal too!)?

  14. manisha - i got the curly willow and planter from Shinoda Design Center in Santa Ana...they also have a location in San Diego.


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