Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Furniture Makeovers

I've been busy finalizing the design of the room I'm decorating for the Good Shepherd Charity Design Project, which I start on next week (is it really almost JUNE?!).  I blogged about this amazing project a couple of months ago and have been obsessing about how I'm going to design the space ever since. It's basically a small bedroom, about 12' x 14' in size, with 1 to 2 windows. We are required to have certain pieces of furniture in the space (bed, desk, nightstand, etc.), but the rest is completely up to us. The sky's the limit, as long as the end result is functional, livable and of course, beautiful! Because this project is entirely pro bono, many of us have been relying on vendors, designers, family & friends to donate goods that we might be able to use. I just scored a tall chest of drawers for free...but this piece of furniture is going to need some serious love and attention, along with a couple of other things I plan on using.  To get the creative juices flowing, I decided to search online for inspiration and found some wonderful DIY Before & Afters; all using old furniture, fresh paint and new fabric. Aren't these some of the best DIY ideas you've seen? I'm so excited, I can't wait to get started! Have you re-painted / re-upholstered any furniture yourself? How did it turn out?

{Before & After: Create a unique dining space with mismatched chairs - details here}

 {Before & After: Old, outdated bench turned fresh and modern - details here}

 {Before & After: DIY Chalkboard tabletop (love this idea!) - details here}

{Before & After: Awkward bookcase, turned stylish cabinet and work station - details here}

{Before & After: Old, junky headboard and footboard transformed into a chic loveseat! - details here}

{Before & After: An ugly laminated wood cabinet gets a complete makeover - what a transformation! Details here}


  1. These are all great! It's amazing what paint can do - but that laminate cabinet at the end.... it definitely wins first place! Who hasn't passed by many of those both in our parent's basements and thrift stores?? :)

  2. I love your furniture makeover posts! Thanks for showing even more great ideas

  3. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Loving this post!! Feeling very inspired to start a project of my own - perhaps even this weekend as its a long weekend here in the UK! I think the headboard would be particularly suitable for the house in france

    my idea of perfection

  4. I love this makeovers, totally inspiring!

    -Chic Done Cheap

  5. I LOVE these furniture makeovers! So fun. I have done a few. Here is one


  6. oh yeah, and I just did this one too for my son!


  7. I am looking forward to the resulting design of such a small room -- my bedroom (student, still living with parents) is even smaller, about 8x13 feet (2.5x4 meters) and on the shorter sides are two very large windows and door, so it was not easy to furnish it. I had to decide between large bed and big table. Table won. The room is far from perfect, but I have got here all the stuff I need. :)


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