Monday, May 16, 2011

Quote of the Week

"Look up! People fixate on arranging everything at eye level, but being attentive to all surfaces - from the floor to the ceiling - gives your eye places to roam and makes a space look coherent and resolved."

- Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic Accessorizing


  1. Wow!
    The first image took my breath fab ♥

  2. Totally crushing on those home ideas - thanks for the great pics



  3. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    I love the ecclectic feel of the first image, the dining chairs are beautiful & I like the big trunk used as a coffee table in the 2nd image. The chandelier in the fourt image is simply stunning. A great selection of images :)
    Sarah @

  4. That chandelier is amazing!

  5. Really love the first room !!


  6. Ooooohh love love love the second image! Accessorisng above eye level can make such a huge impact!

  7. These ideas are awesome! Loving the idea of adding texture on the ceiling. Possibly a stencil??

  8. Love that last image. The stone bowl is gorgeous! And all those frames up high! Great ideas!

  9. *** OK, Julie, "please forgive me, for I (probably) know not what I say"... BUUUUT, as they DO say, "To each his/her own"...

    While dinner at the FIRST table just MIGHT turn out to be fun/interesting/DEFINITELY unusual (a truly unique, new experience for sure!) and full of "interesting" folks, w/ varying ideas n' ideals, etc.... Well, I guess I can handle THAT "explanation"...

    ... the SECOND pic, however, with all that "STUFF" overhead would make me feel like I had to duck low in my seat & cover my head if I were in there!!!

    The OTHER 3 pics I really liked & enjoyed seeing... yes, they ARE a little more "conventional" and/or just "charming", but there's certainly nothing wrong with THAT, and as I said, "To each his own"...

    Thanks Sweetie,... Just HAD to get that off my chest! I always enjoy your blogs, & this was was definitely interesting!

    Linda in AZ*


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