Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Makeover: Cottage in the Hamptons

I love, love a great makeover! Before & after pictures are always inspiring and a great reminder of how the possibilities are endless when transforming a space. House Beautiful contributing editor Frances Schultz transformed this small, outdated kitchen into a lovely and functional space. She made excellent use of the limited space by planning the design and layout carefully.  "When beginning a kitchen design, the first step is to determine your stove-sink-fridge triangle. Next, take stock of all your kitchenware and whatever else you'll need to store in your kitchen. Map out where everything will go according to how often you use it and how accessible it needs to be. Configure cabinets and drawers accordingly." Enjoy seeing the impressive Before & After snapshots of this East Hampton Cottage make-over. What do you think about the end result? Have you ever remodeled a kitchen?

{Kitchen Before}

{Kitchen After}
"To make the narrow space feel more open and less kitchen-y, I used only a few upper cabinets and left space for open shelves and a plate rack. Four windows let in lots of light. An old painted mahogany table fit right in," said Schultz

{Kitchen After: Eat-in Nook}

{Before: Butler's Pantry turned Laundry Room that wasn't being used}

{After: Functional Kitchen & Work Space}
I love how she painted the ceiling a vibrant blue-green, which was leftover from a guest bedroom.


  1. I really should take before picture! the comparison is really dramatic. I enjoy designing kitchens and bathrooms as I can be creative with the space and an endless choice of materials.

  2. such an incredible transformation! we redid our kitchen simply by reconfiguring our base cabinets from a big U configuration into a gigantic island and managed to get in some really functional storage (ie: beverage fridge, pull-out garbage and recycling, built-in wine rack, baking pan storage and a stack of drawers to hold table linens and placemats). So worth it!! :)

  3. Everything is gorgeous about this kitchen. I especially love the reviving of the butler's pantry. Great colors and patterns.


  5. wow, you are really good at your trade. I must say its a lot more inspirering and comfy. I love the little eating space, and your choice of colors which are bold but some how - both manage to appear classic but new. I love it.
    And the ceiling. Gotta love that too. :)

    Greetings from Denmark
    from Eva

  6. i love transformations like that. amazing what a little thought, creativity and know how can do to literally make you blink twice pondering whether it's even the same space! i love that!

  7. Love it! The ceiling painted in that bright color... THE BEST!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. I love this kitchen! Chic and comfortable!

  9. AnonymousMay 17, 2011

    Love the eat-in nook with the cute blackboard and the work space with the beautiful chair. Thanks for sharing...

  10. When I'm a grown up, this is what my house will look like!

  11. The blue ceiling looks fantastic! Great idea!

  12. Yes I'm actually almost done w/my parents kitchen reno & currently doing their bath. My brother is a construction worker so he's like my contractor & he showed me how to put up backsplash etc so I've been very hands on. I plan to post pics on my blog soon. (Just getting some accessories first)

  13. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    I should say that those make overs are really fantastic and perfectly changing the feeling when you saw the room.

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