Friday, July 8, 2011

Feeling Crafty? Weekend DIY Project Ideas

I've been in the mood lately to do some hands-on design updates around my apartment. Unfortunately, it seems like my husband and I have something going on every single weekend, leaving me little time to actually get caught up around the house and make some much needed changes to our decor! Do you ever feel this way? Well, if you're lucky enough to find some free time over the weekend and are feeling crafty, check out these fun DIY project ideas for inspiration. *** Have a great weekend! Be sure to visit next week for a sneak peek at my completed room makeover for the Good Shepherd charity design project + details on the open house event, taking place July 23rd and 24th in LA! xoxo - Julie


  1. Can't wait to see your Good Shepard design!

  2. oh, I'm going to try one of those painted sisals for my office, and I hadn't seen this tutorial - thanks so much for the link. Love the idea of tucking cane into standard cabinet doors - so clever!

  3. Yes but its always a good mix to have work and some play otherwise you'll both end up very bored without the play! I'm definately wanting a chalkboard in my kitchen such a handy thing to have in there.


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