Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accessories: The Finishing Touch

I had the [unfortunate] experience recently with a job that was 90% complete - flooring, window treatments, furniture, and lighting - all installed and looking beautiful. However, when it came down to adding the finishing touches with accessories and plants, my client put the project on hold (due to budget constraints). While everything looks great, it definitely looks unfinished, which is killing me!!! Hopefully my client will be calling me soon to complete the accessories. Do you enjoy accessorizing your home? Do you find the task challenging or difficult to master sometimes? It's definitely all about color, texture, scale and balance. They all have to work together in harmony to look amazing. Here are a few inspiring examples - there are so many wonderful ways to complete the look of a space!

[Add interest and dimension by layering objects, including art. Draw the eye up and add height with a long branch or giant sticks in a ceramic pitcher or vase. Even the guitar cases leaning against the wall look like accessories!]

[Minimal accessories on a cocktail table keep the look fresh and clutter free]

[Layered objects in bright colors and varying heights are a great way to accessorize the top of a buffet or credenza. The lamp acts as a light source as well as a colorful accessory]

[Stacked books on a cool chair, topped with a vases of fresh flowers - super simple and super chic! Great for a guest room or filling an awkward corner / empty space]

[Two different lamps on either side of the console are balanced with interesting objects in various shapes and sizes. A great way to get away from being too "matchy-matchy", while still looking coordinated and polished]

[Simple touches that make all the difference: a glass hurricane filled with random matchboxes & a meditating hand sculpture placed on top of a stack of colorful books]

[A vintage cabinet with mesh doors is thoughtfully accessorized with a few woven vases, folded blankets and a trunk. An open cabinet or bookcase should have simple accessories, alternating small accents (seen on top shelf), a couple medium-sized accents (seen in middle) and a large accent (bottom). This keeps the shelving looking balanced and not overwhelmed with lots of "tchotchkies"]

[Layered vases in multiple colors and varying heights look simply gorgeous!]



  1. it's amazing what a difference accessories make. guys just don't get it lol

  2. I am loving the accessories in these images. I love the bright colored vases.
    Much love,

  3. thanks for sharing these; what great ideas on how to accessorize!

  4. Very nice ideas! Love the lamps and the green cabinet. And the bike! :-)

  5. I definitely think its all about the accessories ! They really make the home. Im going through the process right now, kind of adding a few at a time and it does seem difficult at times !


  6. I think people get overwhelmed when accessorizing their spaces because they don't have a launching point... a collection, one piece they love etc. Or, they're really worried about cost (get hung up on a $1500 mirror, for example). I've noticed that most of my friends have a ton of little tiny accessories and frames and lack big pieces, which makes the staging process even more difficult. I love your ideas above because many of them don't cost a lot, are easy to do and look great! Thanks so much for the tips :)

  7. I love everything in all of these pictures. I need to decorate my home badly.

  8. Wonderful ideas and advice...I'm inspired!

  9. I love this, and I love to accessorize! My current issue right now is that I recently adopted 2 feisty kittens who destroying my decor. They're thankfully not scratching things, but they're climbing/jumping all over things while I'm not home and have broken a few of my favorite pieces (sniffle, sniffle--they're lucky they're so cute!). Do you have any cat-friendly design ideas??

  10. Jennifer DengelAugust 25, 2011

    The ironic thing here is that GREAT accessories don't always have to cost alot. For starters, the best thing anyone can do is to read and observe and begin to train their eye. Read books, magazines, follow blogs! Go to showhouses, museums, second-hand bookstores, peek in at great shops. Visit antique centers-with that well trained eye you would be amazed at how much great stuff is out there and for prices that one can live with! When in NYC, visit the Chelsea Flea Market--it's fantastic. I have always found the dealers to be very fair and I have had wonderful finds over the years and amassed certain collections thanks to this New York institution. Collect objects that have soul-antique or vintage will always bring you enjoyment and hold your attention. Buy from the heart! Learn who the great decorators are, past and present and study them. Please don't be intimated by this subject or afraid to make a move. It can be so enjoyable and rewarding.. .


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