Thursday, August 11, 2011

Las Vegas Market, Summer 2011 - Day 1

Hello friends! I apologize for my sparse posts over the last couple of weeks...things have been so busy for me, I can hardly keep up with everyday work and normal life! Do you ever feel that way? I just returned home from being away for 11 days; first stop was Big Bear to camp with friends for a weekend. Next stop was Las Vegas, where my good friend Gina and I attended the Las Vegas Market show for a few days; (we did manage to squeeze in one day of laying out at the pool and doing absolutely nothing :). Then it was off to Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and his family for the taping of Family Feud...totally random, I know. We auditioned several months ago and they ended up calling us to be on the show. While appearing on a game show isn't something I'd normally be up for (I hate being on stage / in front of large crowds - it terrifies me), I actually had a great time! I'll keep you posted on when the show(s) will be airing as soon as I have more info!

Anyway, today's post covers the first half of my trip to market last week, where I definitely noticed a lot more neutral color palettes, natural fabrics and raw / reclaimed wood furniture. Let me know your thoughts on the pictures I've posted today. Did you attend market? If so, what did you notice while perusing the showrooms? (Part II to be continued tomorrow)...

[Me and Gina - ready to hit the show and get to work]

[Angel wings continue to be a strong trend in wall decor & accessories; this chair was just exquisite]

[Thought this was a great idea for creating a collage of art + objects to fill a large wall, especially over a sofa or large hallway]

[I immediately noticed the fabulous vintage green hardware against the natural raw wood finish of this chest]

[Loving this color palette of robin's egg blue & coral; looks great mixed with the rubbed off-white finish of the table]

[A fresh, updated take on the traditional wingback chair]

[Stacks and stacks of the most beautiful books]

[A collage of sparkling gold sunburst mirrors made a fabulous focal point wall in this showroom]

[I don't think I'll ever tire of the Union Jack flag! It's printed here on vintage looking trunks, trimmed in burlap and brass nailheads. LOVE!]

[This chair is unlike any other chair I've seen! It's chunky, over-sized frame is dramatic without being too over-the-top]

[I plan on carrying these (3) little gems by Sugarboo Designs in my shop very soon. I love their simplicity and the fact that they're printed on vintage recycled wood]

[White milk glass jars and vases, mixed with mercury glass and vintage books]

[These quirky lamps were so much fun! There were several different styles placed randomly around a furniture showroom and definitely make for a great conversation piece]

[A new twist on the dome chair! The back of this one was stunning]

[I sell the resin Gazelle Antlers in my shop, which look really fabulous in just about any space; I liked the simplicity of the polished white jars and the texture of the accent pillows]

[Can't get enough of upholstered accent chairs, especially the pattern and color combination of this one]



  1. Yes, I feel that way all the time! Thanks for the LV Market recap. Love the new take on the traditional wingback chair!

  2. Loving these pics! I totally agree on the coral and robin's egg blue .... fab color combo! And the collage of mirrors , beautiful!

  3. I love so many of your finds - but that last chair - GORGEOUS! I love fun accent pieces like this. I would love to have that chair in my living room - nice find!
    Much love,

  4. I always love the things you find at the market. I especially love that last chair you found! Fun accent pieces like that add so much to a room - nice find!
    Much love,

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I love all your posts.

  6. Gorgeous !! Love the angel wing chair and the chair in the last photo !


  7. i love those sugarboo prints. cant wait until they're on your shop!


  8. Looks like a lot of coral color coming

    I would love to attend that show just for the pick me up

  9. Very nice las Vegas lololol:)
    Great from Belgium

  10. Love the robin egg colored console table. What would you call that style of table? How do I find one for myself? My sister-in-law recently told me about your website when I asked her for inspiration to decorate my new home. It is working! I loved your post about entrys and am working on finding the right pieces for mine. Thanks for sharing the beauty!


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