Thursday, August 4, 2011

A New Approach to an Old Trend by Erika Brechtel

I'm so excited to have Erika Brechtel, owner of Small Shop [a brand styling studio] and the fabulous blog Shop Talk, as today's guest blogger! Erika is an incredibly talented graphic designer with a keen eye for all things fabulous and beautiful, especially when it comes to interior design and fashion. I've had the privilege of getting to know Erika over the last year and am happy to be introducing her to you today! So without further adieu, take it away Erika...
Thrilled that Julie asked me to guest post for her, especially so since she was such a big influence on me and support for me in starting up my own blog. So to honor that, I wanted to do a post dedicated to her love of the chevron!

Okay so it's been around for a while, and you may even worry that we've seen the last of it. But I beg to differ! I have been so pleased to see an assortment of reinterpretations and reinventions of our zig-zag-y friend. Take a look at the reimagined products and inspiration shots I've collected
as Exhibit A:

small shop: chevron reinterpreted, classic
small shop: chevron reinterpreted, colors

small shop: chevron reinterpreted, neutrals

Exhibit B: Missoni -- the company that made famous the zig zag -- has been around since 1953! That's over 50 years of popularity, and a posh one at that. So fear not, my fellow chevron-lovers; it's here to stay.



  1. I'm currently trying to convince my partner to paint the toilet with this pattern! I'm loving zig zags I think its the new stripe!

  2. i don't think i'll ever bore of chevrons! x

  3. I', so glad the chevrons aren't going anywhere - it is a pattern I love that can work in so many ways!
    Much love,

  4. Gorgeous - I'm moving house a week on Saturday and for weeks now you've been my source of inspiration for my new home :)

  5. Love the napkins and highball glasses! Great take on a classic

  6. I am definitely still a fan of chevron ! Love your picks Erika...especially the neutrals !


  7. Love this inspiration! I'm dying to finish an entire wall with graphic b/w chevrons for a client's the crazy movement...beautiful mix!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  8. Thank you Julie for the opportunity to share with your readers a few of my visual ramblings! I am still a fan of the zig zag, so it's nice to see I am not alone. ;o)

  9. you find the most amazing images, Erika! great round-up! ox

  10. Omg I was almost tired of zig zags and you have made me love them again. I don't even have an ipad and I might have to buy one so I can get that Ted Baker case!
    -e (

  11. That cake frosting is too cute! I've always loved zigzag from afar but thought they were too much for my own space. And then somehow chevron ended up on my dining chairs and I love it. Small doses works magic for me.

  12. Erika, seriously?!!! I want to live in your brain. It's jam packed with pretty. And I can't even pick what I like best...the earrings, tile, ipad case, paintable wallpaper! It's all so good.

  13. I love the black and white. A girl friend and I counted all the people wearing b/w stripes last night besides us at dinner. So chic!! Love love love!!


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