Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Wrapped Up in Style

As Christmas shopping comes to a close, it's time to get all of those gifts wrapped! Instead of going the traditional route with decorative wrapping paper slapped with a store bought bow and curled ribbon, why not try something new this year? I've rounded up several great wrapping ideas that are "outside the box" and fairly easy to do. Click on the link below each image for details on how to achieve the look. Are you almost done with your shopping? Good luck getting everything finished and ready to go by the end of the week!

{Fabric Gift Wrap via Martha Stewart}

{Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Wrap via Martha Stewart}

{Brown paper decorated with a silver pen (quick & easy!) via Lark Crafts}

{Stamped gift wrap via Martha Stewart}

{Brown Paper with Cake Decorating Ribbon via Bugs & Fishes}

 {Map Gift Wrap via Ramshackle Glam}

{Kraft Paper Gift Wrap (especially good for oddly shaped packages) via Martha Stewart}

{Kids' Artwork Gift Wrap via Martha Stewart}

{Tissue Paper Bottle Wrap via Martha Stewart}

{Brightly Striped Gift Wrap using artists tape or plastic lacing via Martha Stewart}

 {Handmade Tag with Newspaper Wrapping via Oh, Hello Friend}

 {Newspaper Wrapping with Twine Bow via Love 2 Upcycle}


  1. Oh, I love that cake decorating ribbon! So simple and pretty

  2. Gorgeous! I feel lazy now for just using regular wrapping paper :)

  3. Beautiful wrapping. It is like artwork. Mimi xx

  4. Such great options- I'm thinking of going the newspaper route this year...we shall see.

  5. those are pretty amazing. I just blogged about my very very colourful gift-wrapping this year. I also have buttons on my presents...that's funny :)

  6. Thanks for these great eco-friendly ideas. I will put my old vacation maps to good use.

  7. I think Christmas is the most beautiful season of the year, the gifts, the wrappings, the decorations, the colors, the lights, oh my!!!
    These are all adorable

  8. Aren't those Martha Stewart packages just divine? Gorgeous.

  9. love the geometric wrapping paper, its such a great source of DIY inspiration


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