Friday, March 30, 2012

Best of Pinterest: My Latest & Greatest Pins

I'm so happy it's Friday, how about you?! Today's post is all about my most recent/ favorite pins on Pinterest. I love that site! It's seriously the best tool for those of us who are constantly bookmarking images online. The first image is STUNNING! The rich jewel tones against the deep charcoal gray wall and that incredible chandelier? It makes me want to rethink my entire apartment design :) Anyway, enjoy the inspiration and have a lovely weekend. Any special plans? I'll be attending my second baby shower, this time given by my Mother-in-Law. I can't believe that sweet little baby will be here so soon...I still have lots to do to prepare for his arrival! xoxo - Julie


  1. Amazing colors, that first one just so inspiring me too. i'm imagining of this but with putting frames or a line of chairs or art nveau mirrors in jewel colors on gray wall

  2. There are so many things I love about this post! To name a few: the turquoise tufted couch, the light blue ghost chairs, the bedroom with blue curtains and upholstered headboard, and that dreamy feminine vintage chair with the blush pink seat. Basically, I love everything.

    The office with the two ghost chairs has particularly inspired me! Now I have a great idea of how my fiance and I can share a small office comfortably (and fashionably!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Is that wall paper on the ceiling?! What an amazing idea! The ceilings are just as important as the flooring, we must pay more attention to them...GREAT!

  4. That first one absolutely kills me! I lOVE it. It does make you want to burn your room and start over..
    Happy Pinteresting!

  5. Amazing photos! I love the tuft sofa! I want it!!


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