Friday, March 9, 2012

Street Style from Fall 2012 Fashion Shows

Photoblogger Tommy Ton shares his amazing photos with, where he captured the street style of those who have attended the 2012 Fall fashion shows. I'm loving all of the vibrant colors emerging in fashion and home decor! It's so much fun to see how people mix and match color and pattern in their wardrobes. There's a ton of color and style inspiration in each of these photos - my head is spinning with new design scheme ideas for future projects :). Click here to view the entire gallery.

I'm taking part of the day off today to get my nails done and do some shopping for the baby's nursery. My baby shower is tomorrow, which I can't believe! Time is flying by with this pregnancy, as I'm about to enter into my 8th month. I'll take lots of pictures of the shower and share them with you next week. Have a great weekend! xoxo - Julie



  1. These photos are gorgeous! So bright, bold, and texture-driven, I just love them. Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous baby shower! Relax! :-)

  2. I'll be headed to a baby shower tomorrow too, of course it's not my own, that's much more exciting!

  3. These are brilliant. This is how I like to dress. Wish I had more brightly coloured things!
    Ferren x

  4. Great pics, I loved all the layering of accessories.

  5. Okay , let me do a room around those fantastic orange and white plaid sling backs!! The colors are amazing you posted great pics.. love!

  6. I am so beige in my clothes and accessories - but I Love, Love, Love all the brilliant colors and am inspired to shake up my wardrobe. It really is all about living out loud :)

  7. aww my girl crush. Ulyana..always dressed to impress!

    p.s. been reading your blog for a long time, commenting for the first time. Love your aesthetic!

    1. thanks ijnku for your sweet comment and for visiting my blog :) xoxo

  8. I love all the color! I feel like spring and summer should be colorful and happy! I like pastels for spring and warm colors for summer (once I safely achieve my tan!)


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