Friday, February 8, 2013

Instagram Goodness

I'm putting my 'Five Things' Friday series on hold til next week because I literally have 5 minutes to do a blog post today. Tons of work + chasing after my busy 9 month old = craziness! Ever have days like this? Anyway, I recently joined Instagram and would love to invite you to follow me! It's a fun way to take a peek into projects I'm working on, things that inspire me and bits of my personal life. You can find me under the name JulieThigpen. If you have an Instagram profile that you'd like to invite everyone to follow, please feel free to leave comment with your profile name. Have a happy weekend and I'll meet you back here on Monday! xoxo - Julie

[Commercial project in progress - just finished an accent wall in the lobby]

[My home office re-do]

[Picking out frames with my assistant Luke]



  1. That accent wall is amazing! Fun pictures :)

  2. I have just started using my Instagram account after declaring that I didn't like Instagram! I have changed my mind now that I have been using it more and I see how much fun it can be! I am your newest follower! My Instagram name is Krystin Leigh Brinton.

  3. will follow you! if you want to follow me too, i am drollgirl on instagram.

  4. I love IG and am now following you! I'm jdeares

  5. Thanks ladies! Will follow all of you :)

  6. The wall looks great Julie! Thanks for the shout out:)



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