Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Maison: A Work In Progress

Oh how I wish I had a big chunk of money to re-do our apartment with all new furniture, art, accessories! Don't you wish the same thing sometimes? But the reality is that funds are tight so I have to make the best of what I have and add in [super] affordable accents whenever possible. I've managed to make a few updates lately that have made a big difference. The first being the shelf vignette and art wall above my desk. I originally had several more frames on the wall and accessories on the shelf but I wanted to simplify and create something fresh and modern.

The piece of art on the top left is by Laura Dro, one of my favorie artists. She sent me this beautiful print as a thank you for hosting a giveaway on my blog a few months back. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful. The other two frames are from IKEA, which I had stashed in a closet. I filled them with leftover fabric samples from a project - free and easy DIY art!

I love design books and have a zillion around the apartment. The antique gold Urchin Object from Dwell Studio makes the perfect little accent to top off a stack of books. The pebble vase is also from Dwell Studio, which adds a nice layer of texture.

The color if this glass lamp stole my heart as soon as I laid eyes on it (and a price tag of $39 which sealed the deal!). It's new home is the small side table next to our sofa (lamp from HomeGoods). The accent pillows are also from HomeGoods (except the green one) and they were also a steal at $20 each! The bust (lower left) came damaged in a shipment (the entire top of the head broke off) but I thought it looked kinda cool so I kept it. It has fun sayings like, "Dance like no one is watching," and "Work like you don't need the money." The sunburst mirror is something I ordered last year and finally hung - I'm not so crazy about the finish but it's growing on me. I plan on showing you more of my place as soon as it's put together! What current projects do you have going on around your house?



  1. Thought your art wall looked great. Loving non traditional uses of picture frames.

  2. The bust IS really cool. I would have never thought to keep something like that! Great design!

  3. Love the idea of framing left over fabric. Especially when it's as fun and colorful as what you had laying around!

  4. You know Julie, anyone can have a great space with enough money, but for me it's how you come up with things when money is tight that I think is most important. You design the way I like to and for my clients as well, with ingenuity and creativity, that is a true designer, job well done! It's stunning!!!!!

  5. Great vignette! I am in the same boat wishing for all the funds to redo the whole house :). Instead, I have to settle for a fresh coat of paint and decluttering. I just freshened up our basement that way! :)

  6. I love everything! Great colors!

  7. Love this post! At our house, I'm trying to figure out what to do about our kitchen and specifically the fridge situation, as expressed here -- http://www.rememberwhenwelivedinthatcastle.com/2012/12/this-or-that-or-that-fridge.html


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