Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trending in Teal

Hey there, it's B from B. in the Know bringing you the latest and greatest from the world of fashion! Each year there are those select few colors that seem to be everywhere. I remember not being able to get enough of cobalt blue a couple years ago. Now, the color that's trending every which way I turn is teal. And we are not just talking one shade of teal, but rather a wide spectrum of teal. It is totally the color of the moment – at least in my life. It is perfect for a lightweight summer skirt or dress, but then also looks fabulous in a pencil skirt or blazer to look sharp at the office. Who says you can’t be professional and trendy at the same time?! Certainly, not this gal. The other fabulous thing about teal being the color of the moment is that it is a color that transitions with the seasons rather well. For summer, pair it with white and light neutrals. Then, as we move into the cooler months pair it with black and camels. The cooler months are also a great time to play with the darker shades of teal. So, whatever part of the world and season you find yourself in, you, too, can be trending in teal.

How do you feel about the current color of the moment? Are you trending in teal? What is your color the moment?

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  1. Those teal colors are gorgeous... can't wait for fall fashion

  2. loving this color - check out the jcrew merino boyfriend sweater. they have one in the same color and its PERFECT!

    The Casual Classic

  3. Love the looks, the 3rd one is my fav



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