Thursday, October 3, 2013

Babies on the Brain :: Adorable Nusery Decor

It must be baby season because just about every woman I know is either pregnant or just had a baby! Just in the last week alone, I have 3 friends who've had babies (one being a set of twins!), in addition to several born over the summer. Naturally this sparks something inside me to think up nursery designs, a few of which I've created for my friends. And my son Luke just turned 17 months (crazy!), so the hubby and I have decided it's time to go for baby #2. I'm a little hesitant, because one little toddler boy keeps me busier than I can sometimes keep up with, and the thought of throwing another one into the mix overwhelms me (just a tad...). However, I am looking forward to the next baby that comes along so I can design and decorate their nursery! Here are some inspiring spaces for the precious little ones. Do you know anyone having a baby (or maybe it's you)? How's the nursery design coming along? 

See more nursery designs and children's rooms on my Pinterest page!


  1. I love these! I've actually just had a baby too :) We're moving in a couple of weeks so I can't wait to get started on his new nursery xx

  2. My two cents...both you and your husband should take the time to enjoy Luke and allow your child undivided attention...he's still a baby and the time spent together will be rewarding to both parents and child. These days I find that many young couples are restricting themselves to some timetabling invented by someone who came up with the idea that sibs should be close in age in order for them to enjoy a better relationship. Closeness in age is no guarantee and in fact may inspire unhealthy competition for attention and create animosity. Enjoy your time with your'll never get it back.

    1. Thanks for your advice @Lavender :) I'm not sure where the pressure is coming from to have babies close together, but I definitely feel it!


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