Thursday, March 6, 2014

BM Archives :: On the Hunt for an Upholstered Ottoman/Table

Blog re-post: I wrote this last year as I was in search for some new ideas for a coffee table in our living room and today, we're still without one (my son was 6 months when I wrote the post and now he's almost 2)! This post has re-inspired me to search for the perfect ottoman that can double as a table. Is this something you've tried? 

So yesterday I accidentally kicked the wobbly, loose leg on our coffee table, which resulted in the whole leg falling off and the table crashing down on the floor. It's a heavy table with a teak wood top and heavy metal base...luckily our 6 month old son or two cats weren't underneath it! My husband flipped out at the thought of something happening to our son, so the table is off to find a new home (Craig's List!). Now it's actually kind of nice not having a table - it's like a big playground for Luke. But eventually, we're going to need something and now I'm thinking a large upholstered ottoman would be perfect. Maybe even one that doubles as storage. I'd love to have one custom made, so I went on a search for different styles for ideas...would I want it tufted, in a solid fabric, patterned fabric, leather? Do any of you have an ottoman that doubles as a table? What works for you in your living room?

 {A super chunky fully upholstered ottoman - no base or legs}

{Love the wooden base on this one for books, magazines, etc.} 

{This one if fun with a tufted top and scalloped design on the base with nailheads}

{I can opt for a fun striped or printed fabric like this one}

{Love the simplicity of this ottoman with a more traditional leg} 

{Perhaps I should keep it super simple with a solid fabric (NOT white!) with a contrasting welt?}

{Or I could go with animal print like this amazing zebra hide!}

{Another tufted style with nailhead trim on the base} 

{I like how this one looks more like a coffee table with an upholstered border and tufted inset} 

{A chunky tufted ottoman in a fun pattern - love the low base}

{I love the thick painted legs and the fabric print with an over-sized welt on this one!}



  1. Great inspirational photos!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. My son and his wife have an upholstered storage ottoman. One side of the top is hinged. It is perfect for storing diapers, wipes, ointment, pacifiers, blankets, extra tops and bottoms, etc. for my grandson. So convenient not to have to run upstairs to his room every time we need something. I highly recommend a storage ottoman as an alternative until you go back to grown up furniture.

  3. Hi Julie, I am on the hunt for the same. The baby proofer took one look at our lovely marble coffee table we waited two months to be delivered and said "nope, get rid of it"... So I've been sourcing a ton of upholstered ottomans on Pinterest. Here's the link to my board if it's helpful!

  4. I love the feel of these! I just have a basic old one from Ikea but was also looking at this lucite beauty on Amazon yesterday...

    xo Lily

  5. Thank goodness that no one was hurt! I've been thinking of switching from a coffee table to an ottoman or something similar. I want something that can serve as extra seating when we have guests. Thank you for the inspiration. Best of luck with your search!

  6. Love the second one and third to last as well. Our living room already has an awesome shabby chic coffee table I picked up at an estate sale. So I'm focusing on our family room. Right now we're using a coffee table that doubles as a blanket chest (or is it vice versa?:0) I hate to lose the storage space but I'm ready for a change. I picked up an ottoman on wheels from Goodwill that I will probably paint (yes, paint) because I'm terrible at sewing (otherwise I'd make a slipcover!) Good luck.

  7. I love them & when my younglings grow up I'm going to have one! ;) Ax

  8. Love these pics!

    xoxo Kelly

  9. Hello, I personally don't have an ottoman but think they are a fab idea. I have 2 children and the need for extra storage is endless. Having an ottoman that doubles up as table/storage would be ideal in a lounge. The ideal place to store all the items you need but don't have homes for - papers/remotes etc. I would quite like one at the end of my bed as somewhere to sit and get ready but also somewhere to store all our linen and towels. Great post, happy ottoman hunting :O)


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