Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Inspiration Snapshot :: Built-in Window Seat

Maximize every part of a room, especially those that are limited on space, by utilizing awkward areas like a window wall. What a great idea to create built-in shelves and a simple cozy seat around a tall, narrow window! I like how they painted the built-in the same color as the walls. It keeps the space looking simple and fresh, and allows for the accessories and books to pop. What else are you loving about this space?


  1. So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Lily

  2. I wouldn't think to paint the shelves the same color as the walls. It looks great and flows. I love that this space feels fresh and relaxing. It is cozy and efficient. In short, I'm so envious of this little nook and wish I could melt into it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful! We're loving that color combo of mint, red, and gold. The area's styled so nicely, but also looks comfy and inviting.

  4. looks so lovely :)


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