Friday, March 28, 2008

Ann Saks

I've been a little busy this week and have semi-neglected my blog! I'm so happy to have Fridays off now so I can really take the time to focus on certain topics and resources to share with you. Today, I bring you Ann Saks. AS is a company that carries fine tile and stone products that are absolutely exquisite! I've never had the opportunity to use their product in a project but oh how I dream of that day! Check out the yummy glass mosaic tile accents designed by Erin Adams.
1) moroccan in sunset 113, red clay 114 and fire 123 -my heart nearly popped out of my chest when I saw this one!
2) circles in medium beige 11, sunset 113, pearl 117 and dawn 118 - so lovely and whimsical!
3) vine with birds in light beige 8 and mottled green 15 - love it, love it, love it! Who knew I could feel so passionate about a mosaic tile?

4) quilt small squares in 19 - all of these mosaics come mesh mounted so you can use them as a full height back splash in your kitchen or cut strips and use as accents and borders.

5) large stone set in medium beige 11, dark brown 14, dark beige 12 and m-8

6) small zen weave in bright green 18 and green swirl 17 - how stunning would it be if you tiled a wall in your powder bath with this?!!
3) offset mirror mosaic in M-01 - puts a new twist to "mirror, mirror, on the wall."

4) kilim in off white 1, sage green 19 and dark brown 14

5) quilt medium squares in 17 and 18 - t's more than just tile - it's art! This pattern comes in numerous colors as well.


  1. Ohh I love these! Thanks!

  2. Fabulous! I wish my latest client had the budget for those!!

  3. Hi, can you send me the link for the mirror mosaic tiles? I clicked on the link but it does not send me to the tiles. I can't find them on the website either! Thanks


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