Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rubie Green

When first discovering Rubie Green through an article in Domino, I was instantly smitten by the beautiful fabric line, which also happens to be made from 100% organic cotton! Finally, a super chic fabric line that is both amazing and environmentally friendly. "We know that natural does not mean boring, and that interiors make a house a home." - Rubie Green

To view the entire fabric collection, click here!


  1. I do love her fabrics and her story. Have you read any of her interviews or bios? Success at 25 - a great story!

  2. I just love all of her fabrics!!

  3. her fabrics are so beautiful & fun. i'm glad so many designers are finally coming out with eco-friendly lines that look good. hemp is no longer the only choice.

  4. I just came across this post and am so incredibly flattered! Thank you very much for your kind comments (it's fun to read what others have to say!) and for your support :) Creating Rubie Green has been an absolute blast, and it's even more exciting for me when others dig it too.

    xo MA.


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