Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Color 101: Red Interiors

I've been in a rather festive mood lately with it officially being December and Christmas only 22 days away! To kick off the holiday season I decided to do a post on the color Red and the various effects it has on us psychologically, especially when used in interiors. Here are some fun facts about this powerful color:
  • Red has the opposite effect of blue; it's the warmest and most energetic color in the spectrum
  • It increases blood pressure and respiration rate
  • Red Increases enthusiasm
  • Red Encourages action and confidence
  • Provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety
  • Red makes people lose track of time and stimulates appetite
  • Red is a powerful color so it's generally best used as an accent...however, certain shades like orange-red and brown-red may be muted; they are cozy, comforting earth colors like terra cottas, brick, and cinnabar
  • Using red makes a powerful statement, so red furniture and accessories should be clean and in good condition. Ratty red furniture is likely to look REALLY ratty...not just marginally ratty
  • Red is the highest arc of the rainbow
  • Red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight
  • Feng shui recommends painting the front door of a home red to invite prosperity to the residents.
  • Bees can't see the color red, but they can see all other bright colors. Red flowers are usually pollinated by birds, butterflies, bats, and wind, rather than bees
  • Red would not be the color of choice for psychiatric wards, prisons or a hospital


  1. love the RED factoids!!!
    and gorgeous images as well ~~

    xoxo Laura

  2. I just love when red is used appropriately within a space. Too often these days it's OVER-used within a room and it becomes a non-element. These are great images of what a punch of red can really do!

  3. Red is such a good color when decorating a room. I especially love it when it is used agains black, as you show in the picture with the blackboard.

  4. Every room needs a touch of red--like lipstick for your space.



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