Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Heart of the Home

I truly believe the kitchen is the Heart of the Home...it's where delicious meals are prepared for family and friends to share, a comforting place to talk over coffee, where kids can do their homework, where we bake pies and desserts and sweet treats, make cocktails and drink wine, where we begin our day and end our day. I think the kitchen is the most familiar room in the home where people feel a certain level of comfort, whether it's in their own home or someone else's. It's funny how everyone ends up crammed into the kitchen at a party...no matter how much space there is elsewhere in the house, guests would rather mingle and chat right in the heart of the home. I'd have to say my favorite kitchen to spend time in is my mother's. She's always baking or cooking something that smells delicious, has a pot of hot coffee brewing or wine flowing, and it's filled with lots of laughter and conversation with close family. What's special about your kitchen? What traditions or activities do you enjoy doing and with whom?


  1. These kitchen spaces are fabulous! I'm loving the white cabinets!

  2. ooh- pretty pretty! Have to agree and as I get older, I'm drawn more and more to what I'd previously have called "rustic" but now term "charming." I want my kitchen to be warm and inviting- a place for people to pull up a chair and sit awhile.

  3. I dream about the day I can have a large, open kitchen such as these lovelies! Our small condo has a narrow, small kitchen and the wannabe-Barefoot Contessa in me can't spread my wings!
    I do love the open wall/counter so I am still a part of the living/dining room.


  4. wow.i am really loving that sea moss green color kitchen.....
    kitchen is my favorite place to be....
    great post.

  5. It's so true that everyone tends to migrate to the kitchen during get-togethers! I love being in a kitchen (and my own of course). There's something comforting about it...I love the pic of the one with the grey brick. I too love rustic-styled kitchens. Sigh.

  6. ps. I nominated you for another award, the Princess award! xo

  7. You have picked some gorgeous choices!! I love a well designed kitchen. Great post!

  8. Wonderful collection! I love most of them...especially #14, so unique! Love the colors... :)

  9. Dear Julie,

    Thank you for all your beautiful posts.

    You may have been nominated for a 'Kreativ Blogger' award already, but I would like to nominate you just in case.

    I look forward to following your blog closely again this year.

    Fond Regards,
    David at Willowbrook Park.


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