Thursday, August 12, 2010

Las Vegas Market, Part 1

Last week I attended the LasVegas Market and took so many pictures, I had to break them up into two posts. Today I'm covering a set of trends that have been making their way into the marketplace for quite sometime. While no trend is technically "new", design, like fashion, has a history of repeating itself, and several of these trends are back in full force. Think Restoration Hardware, Shabby Chic, Industrial Modern & Vintage (I know, a pretty eclectic mix!). In a nutshell, here are some of the major things I noticed after touring countless showrooms:
  • Dark wood finishes - espresso, walnut, mahogany - are on their way out. They're being replaced by lighter, brighter and unique wood finishes, such as unfinished reclaimed pine, rustic ash-gray, limed-oak / white-wash (don't worry, nothing close to the 80's!), along with lightly distressed painted finishes. This goes for wood flooring too.
  • Saw tons of furniture made using reclaimed wood - rustic, unfinished and gorgeous
  • I also saw a lot of high-gloss white lacquer mixed in with rustic / reclaimed wood furniture; for example: a glossy white lacquer dining table top paired with chunky re-claimed railroad tie legs - to die for! I can't believe I didn't get a picture
  • Industrial hammered metals mixed in with rustic/reclaimed woods 
  • The scale of just about everything - furniture, upholstery, accessories & lamps - is massive and borderline over-exaggerated, but in a good way! 
  • Textured fabrics such as burlap and linen in neutral colors were everywhere - crisp, fresh, simple
unfinished headboard accented with linen bedding. the panel behind the bed was made of hanging burlap fabric stenciled with the word "dream"

rustic angel wing armoire - one of my favorite pieces

this lamp was stunning! the base was made of hundreds of tiny shells clustered together into flower-like designs.

isn't this one of the most adorable pillows you've ever seen?! (will definitely be carrying this in my shop come fall).

linen bulletin board / magazine rack (a must have!).

in this photo, what i actually really liked was the burlap covered horizontal wall panels, stenciled with a crisp black border - a fairly simple DIY project!

it's so hard to see the table in this photo but it was amazing - an unfinished wood top with a metal base and pull-out wire drawers on both sides. it was a little over 8 ft. long and counter height, which made it the perfect work table for a craft-room or studio.

over-sized dining table in a natural finish paired with a large tufted high-backed bench in linen fabric.

as i mentioned before, i saw quite a bit of high-gloss white pieces mixed with rustic wood. for example, you could use these chairs with the table below for a more refined look.

rustic & vintage inspired accents - loving the shade with over-sized letters

over-sized hammered metal hanging light fixtures - industrial chic!

What do you think so far? Does anything in particular jump out at you? Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Part II, which is completely opposite of what I featured today!


  1. It certainly looks like there was lots of wood and tactile textures. Thanks for sharing part one; looking forward to part two!

  2. It all looks so gorgeous! What a fun and inspiring market... I love anything rustic, the raw timbers etc. are so warm and natural!
    Flick x

  3. So many beautiful things! I love all of the stenciling and I'm glad it's still in shops for fall.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to hearing more. Have you been to the New York trade show?

  5. wow, those last pendant lights are awesome. love the shape and finish...

  6. I absolutely love the angel wing amoire. I don't suppose you have any details on that piece do you. If you do my email is

  7. I love the bedding with the Peace and Love pillows. Do you have any idea where I could locate that or something like it?

  8. SisterGldnHairJuly 10, 2012

    Hi Julie, Can you give me any details on the angel wing armoire?


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