Friday, August 13, 2010

Las Vegas Market, Part II

We made it to Friday! I'm wrapping up this week with part II of my trip to the Las Vegas Market last week. The second set of photos I'm posting are all about color, color and more color - completely opposite from yesterday's post! Here are several trends I noticed:
  • Bold colors such as orange, yellow and coral red are everywhere, along with turquoise and kelly green
  • Imported Asian style furniture is going strong. Beautiful pieces made to look like one-of-a-kind antiques, painted in a variety of colors; some with hand-painted embellishments. This style can be mixed in with just about anything - great for that one unique "wow" factor in a space.
  • Accessories are large-scale for ultimate drama
  • Graphic prints on fabrics, wallpapers and accessories - bold, fresh and dramatic
  • An eclectic blend of styles; moving away from "matchy-matchy" looks and themed decor.
drama and more drama! saw tons of over-sized porcelain vases in bright colors - the painted branches were incredibly beautiful! and what about that wallpaper?! it resembled the mineral malachite (need to find out where it's from!)

a gorgeous painted chest with stenciled gold-leaf designs-one of my favorites

the amazing trina turk residential pillow collection

adorable hand-painted polka dot chest

saw this chair style everywhere in different colors - very versatile

an incredible new pillow line i'll be carrying in my store soon...the prices are amazing!

geometric patterns were everywhere. this rug was so fabulous.

faux animal heads made of resin - like the way the white pops against the green wall.

the domed chair was popular and was being carried by several different vendors. it's incredibly versatile - restoration hardware carries it in a simple burlap & linen fabric. the leopard fabric was a little much but was a fun accent in the space.

painted porcelain garden stools - look great used both indoor & outdoor

peacock prints were popular. i like the simple design of this one - beautiful colors!


So, what did you think about part II? I personally love all of the color and drama of it all. But there's something to be said about the neutral rustic-elegance style I posted about yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you! Design is my absolute passion and I'm incredibly excited about all of the new discoveries I made. I feel re-inspired in so many ways and I hope you've found a little inspiration too.  Have a fabulous weekend. xoxo - Julie


  1. I'm loving all the oversized accessories and the orange & turquoise (it fits in perfectly with my blog post yesterday!).
    I also really love part I so I guess I'm just an eclectic kind of gal! : )

  2. Those Trina Turk residential pillows are so amazing. So wonderful in fact that I am dedicating a whole blog post to them in the next few days. Also, the Peacock prints are fabulous!

  3. I was a week late! Wish I could have made looks FABULOUS!

  4. so much mouthwatering color! thanks for sharing..

  5. You had me at bold colours! All those yellow vases?! HELLO! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I must admit I do love yesterdays style the best, but I am still a fan of a good splash of colour! The wallpapers were great, and there were some seriously beautiful displays there! Thanks for sharing them,
    Flick x

  7. Julie, where can I get the peacock pillow? Love it! Will you carry it in your store?

  8. thank you everyone for your positive feedback! and to answer your question erika, yes, i will be carrying the peacock pillow in my shop soon! i'm getting ready to place an order in the next week or two and will keep you all posted :)

  9. To quote Rachel Zoe, "I Die!" Such pretty stuff!

  10. you are crazy about rope, you got some nice photo and ideas going on in this blog.
    nice one


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