Friday, October 21, 2011

Recent Project: Closet Set Design (AFTER PHOTOS!)

Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was busy and productive (which I thrive on!). Yesterday I added the finishing touches to the closet set I designed for my client Kiyonna (which I blogged about here last month). Kiyonna is a fabulous woman's clothing company and the owner wanted to create a stylish closet "set" design that would act as a backdrop to create videos on their latest collections, clients, etc. The goal was to create an expensive looking closet on a budget, which was absolutely doable. Because the closet was going to act as a backdrop to showcase mostly clothing with some color and pattern, I wanted to keep the color palette fresh and neutral. The design scheme was centered around sophistication and glamour, featuring a sparkly chandelier, tons of fun shoes, handbags and a few decorative accessories. Directly below is a snapshot of what the space looked like before, and the rest are details on the "after"! Now if only I could take the time to design my own closet to look this way...someday, right?! 
Enjoy and have a great weekend. I'll be celebrating my 31st Birthday on Sunday with family and friends. I'm looking forward to it :) xoxo - Julie

(a large room at Kiyonna's corporate office being used for extra storage)

After brainstorming my client, this was the revised design concept we settled on...

(the room was cleaned out and re-designed to look like a luxury walk-in closet)

Just above the vanity area we painted alternating stripes in neutral colors, which was an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper. The framed letter "K" represents the company brand. 

 The chandelier we ordered from was fabulous and super affordable!

I scored this cream leather chair trimmed with silver nailheads from HomeGoods!

The closet was designed using IKEA's Pax System, which has components you can mix and match to create a custom closet to fit your space and needs.

I kept the accessories minimal and clean. The last think I wanted to do was over-accessorize and leave the closet looking cluttered.




  1. Absolutely fantastic, the space looks stunning. I wish I could work on projects like this, it just seems like so much fun.

    :) Hazel

  2. What a beautiful space I NEED a space like this. Love the lighting & some gorgeous finishing touches, i like the necklace stand where did you find this

  3. Waoow, this really looks so stunning! Wish I had a dressingroom like this.


  4. julie, that turned out so sophisticated and amazing! what a transformation from the messy non-descript "before" image. it is so fun to see what can become of spaces, you do that very well i might add ;) have a relaxing weekend!!

  5. Oh my I am so jealous! I never even thought about just making one of my guest bedrooms a luxury closet! I'll have to talk to the BF about that today.

  6. Absolutely Beautiful! I love all the white and that chandelier...

  7. wow! it looks great! loved the K over the stripes with the chandelier!.. love your work!

  8. I think u did a good job. People talk about IKEA all the time but I personally like a lot of their products.

  9. Wow! That looks amazing. I recently ordered a really cheap (but not cheap-looking) slipper chair from Looks like I have to check out the lighting too. You've inspired me to do something to my closet!

  10. This is so amazing! I would die for a space like that in my apartment - unfortunately I live in Manhattan and have very little space. Beautiful work!


  11. absolutely gorgeous! i wish my closet looked like this :)

  12. What a fun project. It turned out great! Makes me what to go clean out my closet ; )

  13. wow i love it love it love it :) i wish i could have a closet like this!!! thank you Julie for sharing :)

  14. Wonderful! the dream of every woman, we want a well ...

    from Spain

  15. You did a beautiful job!
    Alexandra Grecco

  16. Soooo inspiring, seriously! :-) Kinda jealous

  17. wow, such a small space and so light, so organized and beautiful :)
    take a look at my new blog :) thanx

  18. This is beautiful, what a transformation you should be proud :)

  19. Gorgeous! I would love a closet like this!! I also want that metallic clutch! Perfect for the weekend running around for keys iPhone and lipstick! Skinny jeans and tee!
    Really love what you did, glamorous and on a budget. Shows it can be done. And done beautifully
    Xx Callie

  20. So creative. I just love it! Thinking of ordering that light fixture for my guest room :-)

  21. The closet is beautiful, clean and simple.
    I have to ask...the black handbag next to the animal print shoes in the bottom photo...who is the maker it is stunning.


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