Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inspiration Snapshot: Jewlery Wall

I'm forever trying to find the best way to organize my jewelry, especially necklaces! I came across this fabulous photo on Apartment Therapy, originally from Lucky Magazine. Such a simple and artsy way to
organize and display your jewels so you can always see your options! I also noticed the small dishes filled with bracelets - another great idea. The styled perfume looks amazing. How do you organize your jewelry?




  1. Hello Jules!
    Seem to have had the same thoughts this week. Check out my post on Loving the perfumes inside a tray.

  2. gorgeous, julie!

    my only issue is which vintage pieces to display--i have wayyyyy too many.


  3. so weird. never saw this photo, and my dresser/wall looks almost identical. different jewelry, of course. but i have that same oval mirror tray with all my perfumes on it and then i have similar dishes for other various things/jewelry. and last, but not least, i have the wall adorned with a mirror and my hanging necklaces. no flowers, though. love this!

  4. I'm just not very good at having all my possessions out on display,so I have a jewelry drawer from Ikea with compartments and that's how I like to have it!


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