Friday, August 29, 2008

I "heart" Summer

Is summer really almost over? I don't want to believe it! Summer is my favorite season by far. It makes me so happy - I love the great weather, the hot sun, wearing sundresses and sandals, going to the beach, BBQing at the pool, watching the sunset with my hubby...

I loved all of these vintage photos and posters! Aren't they so much fun and nostalgic? But, I guess it's time for me to start accepting that Fall is right around the corner...I'm not quite ready to embrace the next season yet, but I'll try. I guess one benefit of living in Southern California is that it doesn't get "cold" until the end of November, or early December - even then, the coldest it gets is 50 degrees...but STILL - it's not the same! Anyway, enough of my whining! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll meet you back here in September :) Au revoir!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful Spaces

Today I decided to do a simple post that required very little of my time...(maybe because I should be focusing on my real job, instead of blogging for hours on end - I'm sure you can relate!). Anyway, enjoy this collection of some of my favorite interiors, all found via the fantastic UK magazine, Easy Living.

PS - The big holiday weekend is almost here - can't wait!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Dream Shop...

If I were to own a design shop, this is what it would look like. Warm, inviting, and full of beautiful objects. I'd stack fine linens and textiles in beautiful bookcases, mix organic and contemporary furniture pieces together, display antique accessories and set out stacks of lovely dishes on tabletops...I'd invite you in as if it were my own home and tell you to take your time to browse through it all. I'd even ask you if you'd like a glass of wine or perhaps an espresso while you shop around...

I discovered these beautiful photos from Nicole Farhi's Home Collection today and my heart skipped a beat! A part of me has always dreamed of having a design boutique of my own one day and if I ever do, I'm using her store and exquisite taste for inspiration :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Giving Back" Tuesdays

Instead of featuring a charity or organization this week, I was inspired to post about a very simple yet extremely powerful way of giving "pay it forward." Fifi over at FifiFlowersDesignDecor did a recent post about paying it forward and made a fun little game out of it that I'd like to's how it works: The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward. I am going to agree to send something cute, fun and thoughtful to the first 3 blog owners who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and so on. (Due to postage costs, I can only pay it forward within the United States - sorry!). If you are interested in participating, be one of the first 3 blog owners to leave a comment! The little something that is sent can be something you made, bought, were given or found. Just make sure it's something that will make the person smile! There aren't any cost restraints but try not to go crazy! If you'd like to join in, be one of the first 3 people to leave me a comment. By doing this, you must promise me that you will then post about this on your blog, link to me, and then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog. It's a small way to bring a smile to someone's face! Can't wait to send some fun items to the three lucky winners :) Thanks Fifi for inspiring this post and for reminding us all that it's the little things we do that can really make someone else's day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Splish Splash...

I discovered this funky "bathtub" called the Dutchtub, which was created to give people the opportunity to take a nice warm bath anywhere in the world, as long there’s water and wood! You can literally take this tub anywhere - just load it into your truck or strap on to a small trailer attached to your car, wheel it to the spot of your choice (the forest, beach, a friend's house), fill with water, toss in firewood to the attached coil and ignite fire; as soon as the water is nice and hot, hop in and enjoy. What a fantastic concept - who doesn't love a nice relaxing bath, especially if it's on the beach at sunset! Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas...a girl can dream, right?

Quote of the Week

"The easiest approach to any strong color is to use a lot of it, thus unifying a room. However, beware of too many strong colors unless you happen to like living on a battlefield."
- Van Day Truex, Interiors, Character, and Color

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sneak Peak @ the 2009 Color & Design Forecast!

I attended an ASID meeting Wednesday night covering the topic of the Color & Design Trends and Forecasts for 2009! It was very exciting and inspiring. I've put together a post of all my notes (please forgive any sentences that seem a bit incomplete or lacking info. - I could only write so fast!) and photo collages of items I thought represented each color category appropriately. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts on the hot color trends that are right around the corner (is it really almost 2009?)...

Red and Pink
- we'll be seeing more mature shades of these colors
- think deep, rich and soft
- pink will be stronger and not so "girly"

- the color orange will be toned down, moving toward earth and sand / baked robust shades
- think copper, brick and rust
- no more bright, zingy orange
- for the softer side of orange we'll see more of pale peach, apricots and coral

Yellow & Gold
- we'll see yellow move toward warm, radiant shades
- think luminous, gilded and enlightened
- we'll see more acidic, mustard yellows that look more modern and expensive

- moving toward true botanical, ecological and verdant greens
- think vegetables, buds, shoot and leaf

Blue & Teal
- we'll see deeper teals, influenced by green
- think aquatic images / luminescent
- we'll see blues that are deeper - think ocean depths, reflective, contemplative
- cobalt, aqua and teal will be used for luxury and higher end looks

- this color will move toward a truer purple - bluer than what we've been seeing
- we'll see fuller, saturated purple / regal and nocturnal tones

Warm Neutrals
- they will continue with the influence of yellow
- think timber and tusk, bark, twig and nut
- darker neutrals will be deeper and softer

White / Silver / Black / Gray
- there will be more emphasis on modernist shades
- think minimal, toned and restrained
- gray will be timeless with a hint of yellow for warmth - cool gray is out

Design Trends & Influences for 2009...
Retro - people are still gravitating toward retro because they are looking for something that is clean-lined and will last for years to come
Fashion - we're going to see more trends from the 80's (keep an eye out for ripped jeans because they're coming back - yikes!), bohemian influences, and the continuation of using eco-friendly fabrics
Color - a focus on the state of mind and the changing world
Global - we'll continue to see more ethnic trends / more euro-inspired
Organic Shapes
Metallics - we'll be seeing more bronze used in the kitchen and bath; stainless steel and granite used in the kitchen are OUT
Tradition - we'll be seeing more Greek keys, crowns, paisley prints, bohemian and modern patterns and influence
80's Contemporary - with a warmer more inviting flair
Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have fun and/or relaxing plans for the weekend. Meet me back here next week for more exciting posts and a look at "before and after" photos of my home office make-over. Au revoir!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun New Items in Design

Those cool "sculptures" are actually radiator pillars! Designed by Italian company Tubes Radiatori; available in 60 different lacquer finishes.
In search of a way to use everyday items in a completely new context, designer Ragnheiður Ágústsdóttir decided to transform old cups into hooks!

These coffee cups were designed using a specific material in an unexpected way... knobs and hardware as mug handles!

Peekaboo hanging candle holders - I just adore these and would love to hang a bunch in my (imaginary) backyard for a dinner party; the Egg Bird House is crafted from ceramic and available to stylish and chic birds only :)

Decorate outside the box with Happening Curtains - these glossy ceramic forms are suspended from stainless steel for an ultra unique look; the Naked chair made of multiple trestles of
thin steel-rod - love it!

"My Beautiful Backside" sofas...what fun shapes and colors!

I discovered all of these fascinating and unique new items via Interior Design Magazine. I have much more to share with you next week! Click here to see more of their new product list.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lighting Trends for the Dining Room

From Arteriors Home, the Beatty Antique Silver Oval Pendant

Lately I've been noticing all of the unique, over-sized light fixtures being used in dining rooms. Forget the traditional iron or crystal chandeliers we've seen in the past! It's time to see dining room fixtures in a new light (pun intended :)! I've put together a collection of my favorite fixtures and inspiration photos. Create a bold statement in your dining room by adding the unexpected fixture!

What really makes this dining room unique are the set of (2) contemporary light fixtures and the mixture of several different dining chair styles. Who says you have to use a set of matching chairs!?

Notice the giant, over-sized woven bell shades hung over the table. What a way to make a statement!

A new take on the crystal chandelier, this one is modern and refined; the simple round drum shade pendant is clean lined and sophisticated; the linear chandelier and sconce fixture measures 36" long and 28" high!

PS...I'll be doing a post on Friday about the 2009 color trend forecast! Don't miss it!